Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

To the Queen, upon Her Majesties Birth-day, after Her Happy Recovery from a Dan∣gerous Sickness.

FArewel the Year▪ which threatned so
The fairest Light the world can show;
Welcome the New, whose every day
Restoring what was snatch'd away
By pining sickness from the Fair,
That matchless Beauty does repair
Page  201 So fast, that the approaching Spring.
Which do's to Flowy Meadows bring
What the rude Winter from them 〈◊〉,
Shall give her all she had 〈◊〉.
But we recover not so fast
The sense of such a danger past;
We that esteem'd you sent from Heav'n,
A pattern to this Island giv'n,
To shew us what the Bles'd do there,
And what alive they practis'd here,
When that which we Immo••al thought,
We saw so near Destruction brought,
Felt all which you did then endure
And tremble yet, as not secure;
So though the Sun victorious be,
And from a dark Eclipse set free,
Th'Influence which we fondly fear,
Afflicts our Thoughts the following Year:
Page  202 But that which may elieve our Care,
Is that You have a Help so near
For all the Evils you can prove,
The Kindness of Your Royal Love:
He that was never known to Mourn,
So many Kingdoms from him Torn;
is Tears reserv'd for You, more dear,
More priz'd than all those Kingdoms were▪
For when no haling Art prevail'd,
When Cordials and Elixars aild,
On your pale Cheek he dropt the show'r,
Reviv'd you like a Dying Flow'r.
Nunc itaque & versus & caetera ludiera pono,
Quid verum, atque decens, curo, & rogo, & omnis in hoc sunt