Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.
Page  13

Of His Majesties receiving the News of the Duke of Buckingham's Death.

So earnest with thy God, can no new care,
No sense of danger interrupt thy Prayer?
The sacred Wrestler till a blessing given,
Quits not his hold, but halting conquers Heav'n:
Nor was the stream of thy Devotion stopp'd;
When from the Body such a Limb was lopp'd,
As to thy present state was no less maim;
Though thy wise choice has since repair'd the same.
Bold Homer durst not so great virtue feign
In his best pattern, of Patroclus slain;
With such amazement as weak Mothers use,
And frantick gesture, he receives the news:
Yet fell his Darling by th'impartial chance
Of war, impos'd by Royal Hector's Launce;
Page  14 Thine in full peace, and by a vulgar hand
Torn from thy bosom, left his high command.
The famous Painter could allow no place
For private sorrow in a Princes face:
Yet, that his piece might not exceed belief,
He cast a Veil upon supposed grief.
'Twas want of such a President as this,
Made the old Heathen frame their Gods amiss.
Their Phaebus should not act a fonder part
For their fair Boy, than he did for his Heart;
Nor blame for Hyacinthus fate his own,
That kept from him wish'd death; hadst thou been known.
He that with thine shall weigh good David's deeds,
Shall find his Passion, not his Love exceeds.
He curst the Mountains where his brave friend dy'd;
But let false Ziba with his Heir divide:
Where thy immortal Love to thy best Friends,
Like that of Heaven, upon their Seed descends.
Page  15 Such huge extreams inhabit thy great mind:
God-like, unmov'd; and yet like Woman, kind.
Which of the ancient Poets had not brought
Our Charles His Pedigree from Heaven, and taught
How some bright dame comprest by mighty Iove,
Produc'd this mixt Divinity and Love?