Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

Of Salley.

OF Iason, Theseus, and such worthies old,
Light seem the tales Antiquity has told.
Such beasts and monsters as their force opprest
Some places only, and some times infest;
Salley that scorn'd all power and laws of Men,
Goods with their owners hurrying to their den,
And future ages threat'ning with a rude
And savage race successively renew'd,
Page  132 Their King despising with rebellious pride,
And foes profest to all the World beside,
This pest of Mankind gives our Hero fame,
And through th'obliged world dilates his name.
The Prophet once to cruel Agag said,
As thy fierce sword has mothers childless made,
So shall the sword make thine; and with that word
He hew'd the man in pieces with his sword:
Just Charls like measure has return'd to these,
Whose Pagan hands had stain'd the troubled Seas;
With Ships they made the spoiled Merchant mourn,
With ships their City and themselves are torn.
One squadron of our winged Castles sent
O'r-threw their Fort, and all their Navy rent:
For not content the dangers to increase,
And act the part of tempests in the Seas,
Like hungry Woolves these Pirats from our shore,
Whole flocks of sheep, and ravish't Cattell bore;
Page  133 Safely they might on other Nations prey,
Fools to provoke the Soveraign of the Sea:
Mad Cacus so whom like ill fate perswades
The herd of fair Alcmena's seed invades;
Who for revenge, and mortals glad relief,
Sack'd the dark cave, and crush'd that horrid Thief.
Moroccos Monarch wondring at this fact,
Save that his presence his affairs exact,
Had come in person to have seen and known
The injur'd worlds revenger, and his own.
Hither he sends the chief among his Peers,
Who in his Bark proportion'd Presents bears
To the renown'd for piety and force,
Poor captives manumiz'd and matchless horse.