Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

To the Queen-Mother of France upon her Landing.

GReat Queen of Europe, where thy off-spring wears
All the chief Crowns, where Princes are thy heirs.
Page  126 As welcome thou to Sea-girt Britains shore,
As erst Latona (who fair Cinthia bore)
To Delos was. Here shines a Nymph as bright,
By thee disclos'd, with like increase of light.
Why was her joy in Belgia confin'd?
Or why did you so much regard the wind?
Scarce could the Ocean (though inrag'd) have tost
Thy Soveraign Bark, but where th' obsequious coast
Pays tribute to thy Bed: Romes conquering hand
More vanquish'd Nations under her command
Never reduc'd; glad Berecinthia, so
Among her deathless Progeny did go;
A wreath of Flowers adorn'd her reverent Head,
Mother of all that on Ambrosia fed:
Thy godlike race must sway the age to come,
As she Olympus, peopled with her womb.
Would those Commanders of Mankind obey
Their honor'd Parent, all pretences lay
Page  127 Down at your Royal Feet, compose their Jarrs,
And on the growing Turk discharge these Wars:
The Christian Knights that sacred Tomb should wrest
From Pagan hands, and Triumph o'r the East;
Our Englands Prince and Gallia's Dolphin might
Like young Rinaldo, and Tancredo fight
In single combate; by their sword again
The proud Argantes and fierce Soldan slain;
Again, might we their valiant deeds recite,
And with your Thuscan Muse exalt the fight.