Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

For Drinking of Healths.

LEt Bruits and Vegetals, that cannot think,
So far as drought and nature urges, drink:
A more indulgent Mistriss guides our sprights,
Reason, that dares beyond our appetites;
She would our Care as well as Thirst redress,
And with Divinity rewards excess:
Deserted Ariadne thus supply'd▪
Did perjur'd Theseus cruelty deride;
Page  84Bacchus imbrac'd, from her exalted thought
Banish'd the man, her passion, and his fault.
Bacchus and Phoebus are by Iove ally'd,
And each by others timely heat supply'd:
All that the Grapes owe to his ripening fires,
Is paid in numbers which their jucie inspires.
Wine fills the Veins, and healths are understood,
To give our Friends a Title to our Blood:
Who naming me, doth warm his courage so,
Shews for my sake what his bold hand would do.