Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

To Phillis.

PHillis, 'twas love that injur'd you,
And on that Rock your Thirsis threw,
Who for proud Caelia could have dy'd,
Whilst you no less accus'd his pride.
Fond Love his darts at random throws,
And nothing springs from what he sows:
Page  77rom foes discharg'd as often meet
The shining points of Arrows fleet,
In the wide air creating fire,
As souls that joyn in one desire.
Love made the lovely Venus burn
In vain, and for the cold youth mourn▪
Who the pursuit of churlish Beasts,
Preferr'd to sleeping on her Brests.
Love makes so many hearts the prize,
Of the bright Carliles conquering eyes,
Which she regards no more than they,
The tears of lesser beauties weigh:
So have I seen the lost Clouds pour,
Into the Sea a useless shower,
And the vext Sailors curse the rain,
For which poor Shepherds pray'd in vain.
Then Phillis, since our passions are
Govern'd by chance, and not the care
Page  78 But sport of Heaven, which takes delight
To look upon this Parthian flight
Of Love, still flying or in chase,
Never incountring face to face;
No more to love we'll sacrifice,
But to the best of Deities;
And let our hearts which love disjoyn'd,
By his kind Mother be combin'd.