Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

Canto II.

Of their alarm, and how their Foes
Discovered were, this Canto shows.
THough Rocks so high about this Island rise,
That well they may the num'rous Turk despise;
Yet is no humane fate exempt from fear,
Which shakes their hearts, while through the Isle they hear
Page  63 A lasting noise, as horrid and as loud
As Thunder makes, before it breaks the Cloud.
Three days they dread this murmur, e're they know
From what blind cause th'unwonted sound may grow:
At length Two Monsters of unequal size,
Hard by the shoar a Fisher-man espies;
Two mighty Whales, which swelling Seas had tost,
And left them prisoners on the rocky Coast;
One as a Mountain vast, and with her came
Cub not much inferior to his Dame:
ere in a Pool among the Rocks engag'd,
hey roar'd like Lions, caught in toyls, and rag'd:
he man knew what they were, who heretofore
ad seen the like lie murdered on the shore,
y the wild fury of some Tempest cast
he fate of ships and shipwrackt men to taste.
s careless Dames whom Wine and Sleep betray
〈◊〉 frantick dreams their Infants overlay:
Page  64 So there sometimes the raging Ocean fails,
And her own brood exposes; when the Whales
Against sharp Rocks like reeling vessels quasht,
Though huge as Mountains, are in pieces dasht;
Along the shore their dreadful Limbs lie scatter'd,
Like Hills with Earthquakes shaken, torn & shatter'
Hearts sure of Brass they had, who tempted first,
Rude Seas that spare not what themselves have nurs
The welcome news through all the Nation sprea
To sudden joy and hope converts their dread.
What lately was their publique terror, they
Behold with glad eyes as a certain prey;
Dispose already of th'untaken spoil,
And as the purchase of their future toil,
These share the Bones, and they divide the Oyl;
So was the Huntsman by the Bear opprest,
Whose Hide he sold before he caught the Beast.
Page  65 They man their Boats, and all their young men arm
With whatsoever may the Monsters harm;
Pikes, Halberts, Spits, and Darts that wound so far,
The Tools of Peace, and Instruments of War:
Now was the time for vig'rous Lads to show
What love or honor could invite them too;
A goodly Theatre where Rocks are round
With reverend age, and lovely Lasses crown'd▪
Such was the Lake which held this dreadful pair
Within the bounds of noble Warwicks share:
Warwicks bold Earl, than which no title bear
A greater sound among our British Peers;
And worthy he the memory to renew,
The fate and honor to that title due;
Whose brave adventures have transferr'd his name,
And through the new world spread his growing fame.
But how they fought, & what their valour gain'd,
Shall in another Canto be contain'd.