Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.
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NOT having the same Argument as at first to persuade the Author that I might print his Verses more Correctly, which he found so ill done at his Return; I have now, adventured, without giving him farther Trouble by, importuning him for a new Permission, to Collect all that I can find, either left out of the former Edition, or such as have been since made by him; to which I am the more encouraged, because the first (thô most of them were compos'd Fifty or Sixty years since) seem still New, which would be more strange in so changing a Language, had it not been by him im∣prov'd, which may make one think it true that I have heard from some learned Criticks, that Virgil when he said—Nova carmina pango. Meant not Verses that were never seen before (for in that sence all at first are New) but such as he thought might be ever New. May these still appear to be so for the diversion of the Readers, and interest of 〈…〉

〈…〉 Their Humble Servant.