Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

To Amoret.

FAir, that you may truly know
What you unto Thirsis owe;
I will tell you how I do
Sacharissa Love, and you.
Joy salutes me, when I set
My blest Eyes on Amoret:
But with wonder I am strook,
When I on the other look.
Page  41
If sweet Amoret complains,
I have sense of all her pains;
But for Sacharissa I
Do not only Grieve, but Die.
All that of my self is mine,
Lovely Amoret, is thine;
Sacharissa's Captive fain
Would untie his Iron chain;
And those scorching Beams to shun,
To thy gentle shadow run.
If the soul had free Election
To dispose of her affection,
I would not thus long have born
Haughty Sacharissa's scorn:
But 'tis sure some power above,
VVhich controuls ours VVill in Love.
Page  42
If not Love, a strong desire
To create and spread that Fire
In my Breast, solicites me
Beauteous Amoret, for thee.
'Tis Amazement, more than Love,
Which her radiant eyes do move;
If less splendor wait on thine,
Yet they so benignly shine,
I would turn my dazelled sight
To behold their milder light.
But as hard 'tis to destroy
That high Flame, as to enjoy:
Which, how easily I may do
Heaven (as easily scal'd) does know.
Amoret, as sweet and good
As the most delicious Food,
Page  43 Which but tasted, does impart
Life and gladness to the Heart:
Sacharissa's beautie's Wine,
Which to madness doth incline;
Such a Liquor as no Brain
That is Mortal, can sustain.
Scarce can I to Heaven excuse
The Devotion, which I use
Unto that adored Dame;
For 'tis not unlike the same,
VVhich I thither ought to send:
So that if it could take end;
'Twould to Heaven it self be due
To succeed her, and not you,
VVho already have of me
All that's not Idolatry;
VVhich, though not so fierce a Flame,
Is longer like to be the same.
Page  44 Then smile on me, and I will prove,
Wonder is shorter liv'd than Love.