Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

Epitaph on Sir George Speke.

UNder this Stone lies Vertue, Youth,
Unblemisht Probity and Truth:
Just unto all Relations known,
A worthy Patriot, Pious Son.
Page  259 Whom Neib ouring Towns so often sent,
To give their Sence in Parliament;
With Lives and Fortunes trusting one,
Who so discreetly us'd his own.
Sober he was, Wise, Temperate;
Contented with an Old Estate,
Which no soul A varice did increase,
Nor Wanton Luxury make less.
While yet but Young, his Father dy'd,
And left him to an happy Guide:
Not Lemuel's Mother with more care
Did counsel or instruct her Heir;
Or teach with more success her Son
The Vices of the Time to shun.
An Heiress she, while yet alive,
All that was her's to him did give:
And he just Gratitude did show
To one that had oblig'd him so;
Page  260 Nothing too much for her he thought,
By whom he was so bred and taught;
So early made that path to tread,
Which did his Youth to Honour lead.
His short Life did a Pttern give,
How Neighbors, Husbands, Friends should live.
The Vertue of a private Life
Exceed the glorious Noise and Strife
Of Battels won; in thse we find
The solid Inrest of Mankind.
Approv'd by all, and lov'd so well,
Tho' Young, like Fru that ripe, he fell.