Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.

Of the Lady Mary, &c.

AS once the Lion Honey gave,
Out of the strong such sweetness came;
A Royal Hero no less brave,
Produc'd this sweet, this lovely Dame:
To her the Prince that did oppose
Such mighty Armies in the Field,
And Holland from prevailing Foes
Could so well free, himself does yield:
Page  251 Not Belgia's Fleet (his high Command)
Which Triumphs where the Sun does rise,
Nor all the Force he leads by Land,
Could guard him from her conquering Eyes.
Orange with Youth, Experience has;
In Action young, in Council old:
Orange is what Augustus was,
Brave, Wary, Provident, and Bold:
On that fair Tree, which bears his Name,
Blossoms and Fruit at once are found;
In him we all admire the same,
His flow'ry Youth with wisdom Crown'd.
Empire and Freedom Reconcil'd,
In Holland are by Great Nassaw;
Like those he sprung from, Just and Mild,
To willing People he gives Law.
Thrice Happy Pair! so Near Ally'd,
In Royal Blood, and Virtue too;
Page  252 Now Love has you together ty'd,
May none this Triple knot undo.
The Church shall be the happy place,
Where streams which from the same source run,
Thô divers Lands awhile they grace,
Unite again and are made one.
A thousand thanks the Nation ows
To him that does protect us all;
For while he thus his Neece bestows,
About our Isle he builds a Wall;
A Wall like that which Athens had,
By th'Oracles advice, of wood:
Had theirs been such as Charles has made,
That mighty State till now had stood.