Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.
Page  249

Upon our late Loss of the Duke of Cambridge.

THE failing Blossoms which a young Plant bears,
Ingage our Hope for the succeeding Years:
And Hope is all which Art or Nature brings
At the first Tryal to accomplish things.
Mankind was first created an Essay,
That ruder draft the Deluge washt away:
How many Ages past, what Blood and Toil
Before we made one Kingdom of this Isle?
How long in vain had Nature striv'd to frame
A perfect Princess e're her Highness came?
For Joys so great we must with patience wait,
'Tis the set-price of Happiness complete.
As a Firstfruit Heaven claim'd that lovely Boy,
The Next shall live, and be the Nation's Joy.