Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons by Edmond Waller.
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.


HEre lies Charles Candish: let the Marble Stone
That hides his Ashes, make his Virtue known:
eauty and Valor did his short Life grace,
he Grief and Glory of his Noble Race:
arly abroad he did the World survey,
s if He knew he had not long to stay;
Page  242 Saw what Great Alexnder in the East,
And mighty Julius conquer'd in the West;
Then with a Mind, as great as theirs, he came
To find at home occasion for his Fame;
Where dark Confusion did the Nations hide,
And where the Juster was the weker side
Two Loyal Brothers took their Sovereign's part;
Imploy'd their Wealth, their Courage, and their Art▪
The Elder did whole Regiments afford,
The Younger brought his Conduct and his Sword;
Born to Command, a Leader he begon,
And on the Rebels lasting Honour won:
The Horse instructed by their General's worth,
Still made the King victories in the North;
Where Candish fought, the Royalists prevail'd,
Neither his Courage nor his Judgment fail'd;
The Current of his Victories found no stop;
Till Cromwel came, his Parties chiefest prop▪
Page  243 Equal success had set these Champions high,
And both resolved to Conquer, or to Die:
Vertue with Rage, Fury with Valor ••rove;
But that must fall which is decreed Above.
Cromwel, with odds of Number, and of Fate,
Remov'd this Bulwark of the Church and State;
Which the sad Issue of the War declar'd,
And made his Task to ruine both less hard:
So when the Bank neglected is o'rethrown,
The boundles Torrent doth the Countrey drown.
Thus fell the Young, the Lovely, and the Brave,
Strow Bays and Flowera on his honoured Grave.