The vvorkes of Edmond VValler, Esquire, lately a member of the Honourable House of Commons in this present Parliament
Waller, Edmund, 1606-1687.
Page  89

To A. H: of the different successe of their Loves.

THrice happy paire of whom wee cannot know,
Which first began to love, or loves most now:
Fair course of passion where two lovers start,
And run together, heart still yoak't in heart:
Successefull youth, whom love has taught the way,
To bee victorious in thy first essay.
Sure lov's an Art best practized at first,
And where th' experienc'd still prosper worst.
I with a different fate pursu'd in vain
The haughty Coelia, till my just disdain
Of her neglect, above that passion born;
Did pride to pride oppose, and scorn to scorn.
Now see relents, but all too late to move
A heart diverted to a Nobler love:
The scales are turn'd, her kingdom weighs no more,
Now, then my vows and service did before:
So in some well wrought hangings, you may see
How Hector leads, and how the Grecians fly,
Here the fierce Mars his courage so inspires,
That with bold hands the Argive Fleet hee ires,
But there from heaven the blew ey'd virgin falls,
And frighted Troy retires within her walls.
They that are formost in that bloody place,
Turn head anon and gives the Conquerours chace:
So like the chances are of love and warre,
That they alone in this distinguish'd are:
In love the Victors from the vanquish'd fly,
They flye that wound, and they pursue that dye▪