The manifold vvisedome of God In the divers dispensation of grace by Iesus Christ, In the Old New Testament. In the covenant of faith. workes. Their agreement and difference. By G. Walker, B.D. pastor of Saint Iohn the Evangelist in Watlingstreet.
Walker, George, 1581?-1651.
Page  86


NOw having largely described the Covenant of the Gospell, I proceed, for our better satisfaction, to shew more fully, plainely and di∣stinctly, the true agreement and diffe∣rence which is betweene the first Co∣venant of Nature, and the second Covenant which is the Covenant of Grace, and betweene the old and new publishing of the Covenant of Grace.

And first for orders sake I will shew how the Covenant of Nature and Grace doe agree, and differ.

Secondly, because the Covenant of Grace hath beene solemnly publish∣ed three divers wayes.

First, more darkly and obscurely to the Fathers, from Adam untill the giving of the Law.

Secondly, after a mixt manner to the Israelites, by the Ministery of Moses.

Thirdly, now at last most plainely Page  87 and purely since the coming of Christ in the flesh, by the Gospell preach∣ed and published to all Nations. I will shew how this last publishing of the Covenant, which is so glorious, that it is called the New Covenant by a speciall prerogative, doth agree with, and differ from the two former publications made, the one with the Fathers, Adam, Noah, Abraham, and the rest; the other with the Israelites in the Wildernesse. The cleer know∣ledge of which things may yeeld much fruit, profit and comfort, to the hearts and soules of true Christians.