The manifold vvisedome of God In the divers dispensation of grace by Iesus Christ, In the Old New Testament. In the covenant of faith. workes. Their agreement and difference. By G. Walker, B.D. pastor of Saint Iohn the Evangelist in Watlingstreet.
Walker, George, 1581?-1651.


NOw the consideration of these* differences serves to shew Gods infinit mercy and wonderfull bounty to miserable man; In that by Adams fall he tooke occasion to be more good unto us, and when we were be∣come his enemies, did more exercise and shew his goodnesse, and give greater grace unto us. If God had re∣nued againe after mans fall the first Covenant of naturall life, it had been a great favour: but as if that were but a little in his eyes, he makes a better Covenant, even an eternall, and that of better promises, even promises of Page  101 spirituall life and eternall blessednesse in heaven, Also if God and man be∣ing by mans fault become utter ene∣mies extremely contrary one to ano∣ther, God had yeelded so farre as to accept of a Mediator hired by man to speake for him; surely it had been great mercy and clemency: for we see that earthly Kings will admit no in∣tercessors for rebells and traytors, ex∣cept feare and necessity drive them unto it. But God in this point shew∣ed mercy beyond all that reason could imagine or expect; when man fled from God, and had no minde, will or inclination to sue for mercy, God sought after him, and offered freely to him a Mediatour not of the ordinary rank of creatures, but his owne Sonne out of his bosome, and that not to speake, plead, or intreat on∣ly for man; but also to be incarnate and made man under the law, and subject to the curse thereof in mans stead, and by yeelding himselfe vo∣luntarily to a cursed death, to make a full satisfaction for mans sinne. O heavens blush, and O earth be a sto∣nished Page  102 at this, to see the sonne of God thus abased for Gods enemies; well might the sunne hide his face when this Mediatour suffered, as the Gospel testifieth. And yet the Lords bounty stayeth not here; he goeth further, & when man neglecteth & despiseth this his bounty, and neither will nor can desire or seeke to be partaker of it, he sendeth his word to call him, and his spirit to convert him and change his heart, and not only to make him hunger, and thirst after Christ and his righteousnesse; but also to unite him to Christ, and to bring him to communion of all his benefits and heavenly treasures. Thus the more that we have multiplied our rebellion and trangression against God to pro∣voke him to wrath, the more hath he magnified his mercy, and enlarged his bounty towards us; and the more that sinne hath abounded in men, the more hath his grace abounded to∣wards them. O let us now at length, when he hath done all these things for us, remember our selves, and turne unto him with sorrow and repentance Page  103 for our sinnes past, let us labour to re∣deeme the time formerly mis-spent in vanity, by double thankfulnesse and obedience; and yet when we have done all we can, let us to his glory professe, that we are unprofitable∣nesse, we have not done halfe our dutie, and if we have any mind to glory and rejoyce, let us glory and tri∣umph in the Lord, and give him all laud and praise for ever and ever.