The manifold vvisedome of God In the divers dispensation of grace by Iesus Christ, In the Old New Testament. In the covenant of faith. workes. Their agreement and difference. By G. Walker, B.D. pastor of Saint Iohn the Evangelist in Watlingstreet.
Walker, George, 1581?-1651.
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Faults escaped.

PAg. 1. line 4. for the, read their, p. 7. l. 2. for re∣pentance, read regeneration. pag. 12. l. 6. read 9. for 19. and line 22. for New, read Old, page 13. line 13. read a for the, page 37, line 14 blot out, ye, pag. 39, last line. blot out of it, page 47. line 2. for order read frame, and line 14. after the word Greeke, put in word 〈 in non-Latin alphabet 〉, and line 16. after the word New put in, and the Septuagints in the Old. page 51 line 8. read tree of Knowledge page 56 line 4. read, in his owne person, page 77. line 19. put out, all. page 90. l. 19. put in, the. page 103. l. 7. read unprofitable servants, for unprofitablenesse. page 142. line 22. for Christs, read Christs blood.