The queen-like closet; or, Rich cabinet stored with all manner of rare receipts for preserving, candying & cookery. Very pleasant and beneficial to all ingenious persons of the female sex. By Hannah Wolley.
Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670., Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670. Second part of the queen-like closet.

CLXXXI. To make the Bean-Bread.

Take a pound of the best Iordan AImonds blanch them in cold water, and slice them ve∣ry thin the long way of the Almond with a wet Knife, then take a pound of double refi∣ned Sugar well beaten, and mix with your Almonds, then take the White of one Egg beaten with two Spoonfuls of Rosewater, and as the Froth ariseth, cast it all over your Almonds with a Spoon, then mix them well together, and lay them upon Wafer sheets, upon flowered Plates, and shape them as you please with your Knife and your fingers, then strew Caroway Comfits, and Orange and Citron Pill cut thin, or some Coriander Comfits, so set them into an Oven not too hot, and when they have stood about half an hour, raise them from their Plates, and mend what you find amiss before they be too dry, then set them into the Oven again, and when they are quite dry, break away the Wafers with your fingers, and then clip them neatly with a pair of Scizzers, and lay on some Leaf-Gold if you please.