The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick, beautifying, and cookery containing I. the art of preserving and candying fruits & flowers ..., II. the physical cabinet, or, excellent receipts in physick and chirurgery : together with some rare beautifying waters, to adorn and add loveliness to the face and body : and also some new and excellent secrets and experiments in the art of angling, 3. the compleat cooks guide, or, directions for dressing all sorts of flesh, fowl, and fish, both in the English and French mode ...

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The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick, beautifying, and cookery containing I. the art of preserving and candying fruits & flowers ..., II. the physical cabinet, or, excellent receipts in physick and chirurgery : together with some rare beautifying waters, to adorn and add loveliness to the face and body : and also some new and excellent secrets and experiments in the art of angling, 3. the compleat cooks guide, or, directions for dressing all sorts of flesh, fowl, and fish, both in the English and French mode ...
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"The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick, beautifying, and cookery containing I. the art of preserving and candying fruits & flowers ..., II. the physical cabinet, or, excellent receipts in physick and chirurgery : together with some rare beautifying waters, to adorn and add loveliness to the face and body : and also some new and excellent secrets and experiments in the art of angling, 3. the compleat cooks guide, or, directions for dressing all sorts of flesh, fowl, and fish, both in the English and French mode ..." In the digital collection Early English Books Online. University of Michigan Library Digital Collections. Accessed July 24, 2024.


Page 173

Beautifying Waters, Oyls, Ointments, and Powders, to Adorn, and add Love∣liness to the Face and Bo∣dy.

1. To make the Hair very Fair.

WAsh your Hair very clean, and then take some Allom-water, warm, and with a Sponge moisten your Hair therewith, and it will make it fair. Or you may make a De∣coction of Turmerick, Rubarb, or the Bark of the Barberry-Tree, and so it will receive a most fair and Beautiful Colour.

Page 174

2. Another.

Take the last water that is drawn from Honey, and wash your Head therewith, and it will make the Hair of an Excellent fair Colour; but because it is of a strong smell, you must perfume it with some sweet Spirit.

3. To make the Hair grow thick.

Make a strong Lye, then take a good quantity of Hyssop-Roots, and burn them to Ashes, and mingle the Ashes and the Lye together, and therewith wash your Head, and it will make the Hair grow; also the Ashes of Froggs burnt doth increase Hair, as also the Ashes of Goats-dung mingled with Oyl.

4. To make the Hair Grow.

Take Marsh-Mallows, and boyl them, Roots and all, and wash the Head there∣with, and it will grow in a short time: Also take a good quantity of Bees, and dry them in a Siev by the Fire, and make powder of them, and temper it witth Oyl-Olive,

Page 175

and anoint the place where the Hair should grow: Also take the Oyl of Tar∣tar, and warm it, and annoint any bald Head therewith, and it will restore the Hair again in a short time.

5. To make the Hair Fair.

Take the Ashes of a Vine burnt, of the Knots of Barley straw, and Licorise, and Sow-bread, and Distill them together in fair water, and wash the Head with it; also sprinkle the Hair while it is Combing, with the powder of Cloves, Roses, Nut∣megs, Cardamum, and Galingale, with Rose-water; also the Head being often washed with the Decoction of Beech-Nut-Trees, the Hair will become fair.

6. To make the Hair grow.

Taste Hasle-Nuts with Husks and all, and burn them to powder, then take Beech-mast, and the leaves of Enula Campana, and stamp the Herb and the Mast together, then seeth them together with Honey, and annoint the place therewith, and strew the powder thereon, and this will make the Hair grow.

Page 176

7. To take away Hair.

Take the Juice of Fumitory, mix it with Gum-Arabick, then lay it on the place, the Hairs first plucked out by the Roots, and it will never permit any more Hair to grow on the place: Also annoint your Head with the juice of a Glo-worm stamped, and it hath the same Virtue.

8. For the Falling of Hair.

Take the Ashes of Pigeons-dung in Lye, and wash the Head therewith; also Wal∣nut-leaves beaten with Bears-suet, resto∣reth the Hair that is plucked away. Also the Leaves and middle Rinde of an Oak, sodden in Water, and the Head washed therewith, is very good for this pur∣pose.

9. To make the Face Fair.

Take the Flower of Beans, and Distill them, and wash the Face with the water; some say, that the Urine of the Party is very good to wash the Face withal, to make it Fair.

Page 177

10. For cleansing the Face and Skin.

If the Face be washed with the Water that Rice is sodden in, it cleanseth the Face, and taketh away Pimples.

11. A VVater to Adorn the Face.

Take Eggs cut in pieces, Orange-peels, the Roots of Melons, each as much as is sufficient, in a large Vessel with a long Neck, Distill by an Alembeck, with a strong and careful Fire.

12. To Beautifie the Face.

Take of Cuckow-pintle a pretty quan∣tity, bruise the thick parts with Rose-water, dry them by the Sun three or four days, then pouring more Rose-water on it, use it.

13. To make the Face look Youth∣ful.

Take two Ounces of Aqua-vitae, Bean-flower-water, and Rose-water, each four

Page 178

Ounces, Water of Water-Lillies six ounces, mix them all, and add to them one Dram of the whitest Tragacinth, set it in the Sun six days, then strain it through a fine Linnen Cloath; wash your Face with it in the Morning, and do not wipe it off.

14. A VVater to take away wrinkles in the Face.

Take of the Decoction of Briony and Figgs, each alike quantities, and wash the Face with it.

15. An Excellent water, called Lac Virginis, or Virgins Milk, to make the Face, Neck, or any part of the Body fair and white.

Take of Alumen Plumost half an ounce, of Camphire one ounce, of Roch-Allom one ounce and a dram, Sal Gemmi half an ounce, of white Frankincense two ounces, oyl of Tartar one ounce and half; make all these into most fine powder, and mix it with one quart of Rose-water, then set it in the Sun, and let it stand nine days,

Page 179

often stirring it; then take Littarge of Silver half a pound, beat it fine, and sierce it, then boyl it with one pint of White-Wine-Vinegar, till one third part be consumed, ever stirring it with a stick while it boyleth, then Distill it by a Phil∣ter, or let it run through a Jelly-Bag, then keep it in a Glass Vial, and when you will use those Waters, take a drop of the one, and a drop of the other in your hand, and it will be like Milk, which is called Lac Virginis; wash your Face, or any part of your Body therewith, it is mo•••• precious for the same.

16. To take away Sun-burn.

Take the juice of a Limon, and a little Bay-Salt, and wash your Face or Hands with it, and let them dry of themselves, and wash them again, and you shall find all the Sun-burn gone.

17. To make the Face very Fair.

Boyl the Flowers of Rosemary in white-wine, with the which wash your Face; also if you drink thereof, it will make you have a sweet Breath. Also to make the

Page 180

Face white, make powder of the Root of Serpentine, and of powder of Sepia, and mingle them with Rose-water, and let it dry, and then let it be put to the same water again, and dry again, do this four or five times, and then use to annoint the face therewith.

18. To clear the Skin, and make it white.

Take fresh Boars grease, and the white of an Egg, and stamp them together with a little powder of Bays, and therewith an∣noint the skin, and it will clear the Visage, and make it white.

19. To take away Freckles in the Face.

Annoint your face with oyl of Almonds, and drink Plantain-water, or annoint your Visage well and often with Hares blood.

20. To smooth the Skin.

Mix Capons-grease with a quantity of Sugar, and let it stand for a few days close covered, and it will turn to a clear oyl,

Page 181

with which annoynt your face.

21. To Blanch the Face.

Take the pulp of Limons, and take out the Kernels, and put to them a quantity of fine Sugar; Distill these, and keep the water to wash your face every Night.

22. For Morphew, or scurf of Face or Skin.

Take of Brimstone beaten into powder two ounces, mix it with as much black Soap that stinketh, and tye the same in a Linnen Cloath, and let it hang in a pint of strong Wine-Vinegar, or Red-Rose-Vi∣negar, for the space of eight or nine days; and therewith wash any kind of Scurf, or Morphew, either in Face or Body, dip∣ping a Cloath in the Vinegar, and rub∣bing it therewith, and let it dry of it self. Also drink the water of Strawberries. Di∣stilled, or Tincture of Strawberries, it certainly killeth Morphew or Scurf.

Page 182

23. For taking away spots in the Face, after the Small-pox.

Mix the juice of Limons with a little Bay-Salt, and touch the spots therewith oftentimes in a day, for it is excellent good.

24. A good Oyntment for the same.

Take Oyl of Sweet Almonds, Oyl of white Lillies, of either one Ounce; Ca∣pons-grease, Goats-Tallow, of each four Drams, Litharge of Gold one Dram and half; Roots of Briony, and of Ireos, of either one Scruple, Sugar-Candy white one Dram; make powder of all those that may be brought into powder, and sierce them, then put them all in a Mortar together, beat them together, and in the working put thereto Rose, Bean-flower, and white Lilly-water, of each a good spoonful, put in by little and little, and so work them together till they become an Oyntment; annoint your Face and Hands with it every Evening, and in the Morn∣ing wash it away in water boyled with

Page 183

Barley, Wheaten-Bran, and the Seed of Mallows.

25. To take away the holes or pits in the Face, by reason of the Small Pox.

For helping of this Accident, I have tryed many things, and the best means I have found, is to wash the Face one day with the Distilled water of strong Vine∣gar, and the next day with the water wherein Bran and Mallows have been boyled; and continue this twenty days, or a Moneth together.

26. For Redness of the Hands or Face after the Small-pox.

Take Barley, Beans, Lupines, of each one handful; bruise them all in a Mortar grosly, and boyl them in three pints of water, till it grow thick like a Jelly, then strain it, and annoint the Face and Hands therewith three or four times a day, for three or four days together, and then wet the Face and Hands as often with this water following.

Page 184

27. Another.

Take Vine-leaves two handfuls, Bean-flower, Dragon, Wild Tansie, of either one handful, Camphire three Drams, two Calves Feet, the pulp of three Limons, a pint of raw Cream; shred the Herbs small, as also the Limons, and break, and cut the Calves Feet small, then mix them together, and Distill it in a Glass Still, and use it. Also the water of May-dew is Excellent good for any high colour, or Redness of the Face.

28. For Pimples in the Face.

Wash your Face with warm water when you go to Bed, and let it dry in; then take the white of an Egg, and put it into a Saucer, and set it upon a Chafing-dish of Coals, and put into it a piece of Allom; beat it together with a spoon, till it become thick, then make a round Ball, and therewith annoint the Face where the Pimples are.

Page 185

29. For Heat and Swelling in the Face.

Boyl the Leaves of the Blossoms of Rosemary, either in White-Wine or fair Water, and use to wash thy Hands and Face therewith, and it will preserve thee from all such inconveniencies, and also make both thy Face and Hands very smooth.

30. For a Red Face.

Take Brimstone that is whole, and Ci∣namon, of either of them an even pro∣portion by weight, beat them into small powder, and sierse it through a fine cloath upon a sheet of white Paper to the quan∣tity of an Ounce, or more; and so by even proportions in weight mingle them together in clean Clarified Caponsgrease, and temper them well together till they be well Mollified, then put to it a little Cam∣phire, to the quantity of a Bean, and so put the whole Confection in a Glass, and use it.

Page 186

31. To take away Pimples.

Take Wheat-flower mingled with Ho∣ney and Vinegar, and lay it upon them.

32. An Excellent Oyntment for an Inflamed Face.

Take an Ounce of the Oyl of Bays, and an Ounce of Quick-Silver, and put them in a Bladder together, with a spoon∣ful of Fasting-spittle, and then rub them well together, that nothing of the Quick-Silver be seen; take of this Oyntment, when it it made, and annoint the Face therewith, and it will heal it well and fair; Proved true.

33. For a Rich Face.

Take three Yolks of Eggs raw, as much in quantity of fresh Butter, or Capons-grease without Salt, Camphire two penny∣worth, Red-Rose-water half a pint, two Grains of Sivet, and boyl all these toge∣ther in a Dish, then strain them through a clean Cloath, and set it to cool, and take the uppermost, and use it.

Page 187

34. To make the Skin white and clear.

Boyl two Ounces of French Barley in three pints of Conduit-water, change the water, and put in the Barley again; do this till your Barley do not dis-colour the water, then boyl the last three pints to a quart, then mix half a pint of white-wine therein, and when it is cold, wring the juice of two or three good Limons therein, and use it for the Morthew, heat of the Face, and to clear the Skin.

35. An Excellent Pomatum, to clear the Skin.

Wash Barrows-grease, or Lard often-times in May-dew that hath been Clari∣fied in the Sun, till it be exceeding white; then take Marsh-mallow-Roots, scraping off the out-sides, make thin slices of them, and mix them, set them to macerate in a Balneo, and scum it well till it be Clarified, and will come to rope; then strain it, and put now and then a spoon∣ful of May-dew therein, beating it till it be through cold in often change of May-dew;

Page 188

then throw away that Dew, and put it in a Glass, covering it with May-dew, and so keep it for your Use.

36. To take away Spots and Freckles from the Face and Hands.

The Sap that issueth out of a Birch-Tree in great abundance, being opened in March or April, and a Glass Receiver set under it to Receive it: This cleanseth the Skin Excellently, and maketh it very clear, being washed therewith. This Sap will dissolve Pearl, a Secret not known to many.

37. To take away Freckles and Morphew.

Wash your Face in the wane of the Moon with a Sponge, Morning and Eve∣ning with the Distilled water of Elder-leaves, letting it dry into the Skin; you must Distill your Water in May: This I had from a Traveller, who hath Cured himself thereby.

Page 189

38. To make the Teeth white and sound.

Take a quart of Honey, and as much Vinegar, and half so much White-Wine, boyl them together, and wash your Teeth therewith now and then.

39. A Dentrifice to whiten the Teeth.

Take of Harts-horn and Horses Teeth, of each two Ounces, Sea-shells, Com∣mon Salt, Cypress-Nuts, each one Ounce; burn them together in an Oven, and make a powder, and work it up with the Mu∣cilage of Gum Tragacinth, and rub the Teeth therewith.

40. To make the Teeth white as Ivory.

Take Rosemary, Sage, and a little Al∣lom and Honey, and boyl them together in fair Running-water, and when it is well boyled, strain out the fair water, and keep it in a Glass, and use it sometime to wash your Mouth and Teeth therewith, and

Page 190

it will make them clean: Also wash your Teeth with the Decoction of Lady Thi∣stle-Root, and it will cleanse and fasten the Teeth, and the sore gums made whole also the Root of Hore-hound drunk, or chewed Fasting, doth quickly heal the gums, and maketh the Teeth clean: Straw∣berry-leaves also cleanseth the Teeth and Gums, a sure and tryed Experiment.

41. To make the Teeth white.

Take one drop of the Oyl of Vitriol, and wet the Teeth with it, and rub them afterwards with a course Cloath; although this Medicine be strong, fear it not.

42. For a Stinking Breath.

Take two handfuls of Cummin, and stamp it to powder, and boyl it in wine, and drink the Syrup thereof Morning and Evening for fifteen days, and it will help. Proved.

Page 191

43. To make the Breath Sweet.

VVash you Mouth with the water that the shells of Citrons have been boyled in, and you will have a sweet Breath.

44. To Sweeten the Breath.

Take Butter and the juice of Feather-few, and temper them with Honey, and take every day a spoonful. Also these things sweeten the Breath, the Electuary of Aromaticks, and the peels of Citrons.

45. To cleanse the Mouth.

It is good to cleanse the Mouth every Morning by rubbing the Teeth with a Sage-leaf, Citron-peels, or with pow∣der made with Cloves and Nutmegs; for∣bear all Meats of ill Digestion, and raw Fruits.

Page 192

46. For Running in the Ears.

Take the juice of Elder, and drop i into the Ear of the Party grieved, and it cleanseth the Matter and the filth thereof Also the juice of Violets used, is very good for the Running of the Ears.

47. For Eyes that are Blood-shot.

Take the Roots of Red Fennel, stamp them, and wring out the juice, then tem∣per it with Clarified Honey, and make an Oyntment thereof, and annoint the Eyes therewith, and it will take away th Redness.

48. To make the Hands white.

Take the Flower of Beans, of Lupines of Starch-Corn, Rice, Orice, of each six Ounces; mix them, and make a pow∣der, with which wash your Hands it water.

Page 193

49. A Delicate washing Ball.

Take three Ounces of Orace, half an Ounce of Cypress, two Ounces of Ca∣lamus Aromaticus, one Ounce of Rose-leaves, two Ounces of Lavender-Flow∣ers; beat all these together in a Mortar, siersing them through a fine sierce, then scrape some Castile-soap, and dissolve it in Rose-water, mix your powders there∣with, and beat them in a Mortar, then make them up in Balls.

50. For the Lips chopt.

Rub them with the Sweat behind your Ears, and this will make them smooth, and well coloured.

51. To prevent marks of the Small-Pox.

Boyl Cream to an Oyl, and with that annoint the wheals with a Feather as soon as they begin to dry, and keep the Scabs always moist therewith; let your Face be annointed almost every half hour.

Page 194

52. To take away Child-blains in the Hands or Feet.

Boyl half a peck of Oats in a quart of water till it grow dry; then annoint your Hands with Pomatum, and after they are well Chased, hold them within the Oats as hot as you can endure them, covering the Bowl wherein you do your Hands with a double Cloath to keep in the steam of the Oats; do this three or four times, and it will do: You may boyl the same Oats with fresh water three or four times.

53. To take away Pock-holes, or any spot in the Face.

Wet a Cloath in White-Rose-water, and set it all Night to freeze in the Win∣ter, and then lay it upon your Face till it be dry; also take two or three Poppies, the reddest you can get, and quarter them, taking out the Kernels, then Distill them in a quart of red Cows-Milk, and with the water thereof wash your Face.

Page 195

54. An Excellent Beauty-water, used by the D. of C.

Take of white Tartar two drams, Cam∣phire one dram, Coperas half a dram, the whites of three or four Eggs, juice of a couple of Limons, Oyl of Tartar four Ounces, and as much Plantain-wa∣ter, white Mercury a penny-worth, two Ounces of bitter Almonds; beat all these to powder, and mix them with the Oyl, and some water, and then boyl it upon a gentle Fire, strain it, and so keep it; when you use it, you must first rub your Face with a scarlet Cloath, and at Night wash your Face with it, and in the Morn∣ing wash it off with Bran and White-Wine.

55. Against a Stinking Breath.

Take a handful of Wood-bine, and as much Plantain, bruise them very well, then take a pint of Eye-selt, and as much water, with a little Honey and Allom; keep all these waters together in a Glass, and wash your Mouth well therewith, and hold it in your Mouth, and it will destroy

Page 196

all Cankers, and Cure a stinking Breath, and preserve the Teeth from rottenness.

56. To procure an excellent Colour and Complexion in the Face, used by the C. of S.

Take the juice of Hyssop, and drink it in a Morning Fasting, half a dozen spoon∣fuls in Ale, warm; it will procure an ex∣cellent Colour, is good for the Eye-sight, destroyeth Worms, and is good for the Stomack, Liver, and Lungs.

57. To keep the Teeth white, and kill worms.

Take a little Salt in a Morning Fasting, and hold it under your Tongue till it be melted, and then rub your Teeth with it.

58. To procure Beauty, an excellent wash.

Take four Ounces of Sublimate, and one Ounce of crude Mercury, and beat them together exceeding well in a wooden Mortar, and wooden Pestle; you must

Page 197

do it at least six, or eight hours, then with often change of cold water, take away the salts from the Sublimate, change your water twice every day at least, and in seven or eight days it will be dulcified, and then it is prepared; lay it on with Oyl of white Poppy.

59. A Beauty-water for the Face, by Madam G.

Take Lye that is not too strong, and put two peels of Oranges, and as much C∣tron-peel, Blossoms of Cmomile, Bay-leaves, and Maiden-hair, of each a hand∣ful, of Agrimony two or three Ounces, of Barley-straw chopt in pieces, a hand∣ful, as much Fenugreek, a pint of Vine-leaves, two or three handfuls of Broom-blossoms; put all these into the Lye, and mingle them together, and so wash the Head therewith, put to it a little Cinamon and Myrrh, let it stand, and wash your Face therewith every Evening: It is good to wash the Head, and to comfort the Brain and Memory.

Page 198

60. Against stink of the Nostrils.

Take Cloves, Ginger, and Calamint, of each a like quantity, boyl them in White-Wine, and therewith wash the Nose within; then put in the powder of Piritrum to provoke one to sneeze: If there be Phlegm in the Head, you must first purge the Head with Pills of Col∣chie, or of Hieva picra: Or if the stink of the Nose come from the Stomack, purge first.

61. To make the Hands white.

To make the Hands white and soft, take Daffodil in clean water till it grow thick, and put thereto powder of Cantarium, and stir them together; then put thereto raw Eggs, and stir them well together, and with this Oyntment annoint your Hands, and within three or four days using thereof they will be white and clear.

Page 199

62. A Sweet water for the Hands.

Take of the Oyl of Cloves, Mace, or Nutmegs, three or four drops only, and mingle it with a pint of fair water, stirring them a pretty while together in a Glass, having a narrow Mouth, till they are well mingled together, and wash your Hands therewith, and it will be a very sweet wa∣ter, and will cleanse and whiten the Hands very much.

63. For heat and worms in the Hands.

Bruise a little Chick-weed, and boyl it in Running-water, till the half be wasted away, and wash your Hands in it as hot as you can suffer it, for the space of six days, and it will drive away the heat, or worms in the Hands.

64. To make the Nails grow.

Take Wheat-flower, and mingle it with Honey, and lay it to the Nails, and it will help them.

Page 200

65. For Nails that fall off.

Take powder of Agrimony, and lay it on the place where the Nail was, and it will take away the aking, and make the Nails to grow.

66. For cloven Nails.

Mingle Turpentine and Wax together, and lay it on the Nail, and as it groweth cut it away, and it will heal.

67. For Nails that are rent from the flesh.

Take some Violets, and stamp them, and fry them with Virgins-wax, and Frankincense, and make a Plaister, and lay it to the Nail, and it will be whole.

68. Another.

Annoint your Fingers with the powder of Brimstone, Arsenick, and Vinegar, and in short time you shall find great ease.

Page 201

69. For stench under the Arm∣holes.

First pluck away the Hairs of the Arm∣holes, and wash them with white-wine and Rose-water, wherein you have first boyled Cassia Lignum, and use it three or four times.

70. For the Yellow Iaundies.

Take the juice of Wormwood and Sor∣rel, or else make them in Syrup, and use to drink it in the Morning.

71. To take away VVarts from the face or Hands.

Take Purslain, and rub it on the warts, and it maketh them fall away: Also the juice of the Roots of Rushes applyed, heal∣eth them.

72. To smooth the Skin, and take away Morphew and Freckles.

Annoint the Face with the Blood of a Hare, or Bull, and this will take away Morphew and Freckles, and smooth the Skin.

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