The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick, beautifying, and cookery containing I. the art of preserving and candying fruits & flowers ..., II. the physical cabinet, or, excellent receipts in physick and chirurgery : together with some rare beautifying waters, to adorn and add loveliness to the face and body : and also some new and excellent secrets and experiments in the art of angling, 3. the compleat cooks guide, or, directions for dressing all sorts of flesh, fowl, and fish, both in the English and French mode ...

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The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick, beautifying, and cookery containing I. the art of preserving and candying fruits & flowers ..., II. the physical cabinet, or, excellent receipts in physick and chirurgery : together with some rare beautifying waters, to adorn and add loveliness to the face and body : and also some new and excellent secrets and experiments in the art of angling, 3. the compleat cooks guide, or, directions for dressing all sorts of flesh, fowl, and fish, both in the English and French mode ...
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"The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving, physick, beautifying, and cookery containing I. the art of preserving and candying fruits & flowers ..., II. the physical cabinet, or, excellent receipts in physick and chirurgery : together with some rare beautifying waters, to adorn and add loveliness to the face and body : and also some new and excellent secrets and experiments in the art of angling, 3. the compleat cooks guide, or, directions for dressing all sorts of flesh, fowl, and fish, both in the English and French mode ..." In the digital collection Early English Books Online. University of Michigan Library Digital Collections. Accessed July 19, 2024.


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1. An Approved Remedy for the Stone and Gravel.

TAke the hard Roe of a Red Her∣ring, and dry it upon a Tile in an Oven, then beat it to powder, and take as much as will lye up∣on a Six-pence every Morning Fasting, in a Glass of Rhenish-Wine.

2. An Excellent Drink for the Scurvey.

Take a pound of Garden-Seurvy Grass, six handfuls of Wormwood and Elder-tops, one Ounce of Carraway-seeds, and one Ounce of Nutmegs; put them all

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together into six Gallons of New Ale, and let them work together, and after a con∣venient time of working, Drink of it every Morning Fasting.

3. A Receipt for the Cout, known to be very helpful.

Take five or six black Snails, and cut off their Heads, then put to them one penny-worth of Saffron, and beat them together, and spread it on the woolly side of a piece of Sheeps Leather, and apply it to the soles of the Feet, anointing the sore place with the Marrow of a Stone-Horse.

4. For Griping of the Guts.

Take Anniseeds, Fennel, Bay-berries, Juniper-berries, Tormentil, Bistort, Ba∣laustius, Pomegranate-pills, each one Ounce, Rose-leaves a handful, boyl them in Milk, strain it, and add the Yolk of an Egg, six Grains of Laudanum dissolved in the Spirit of Mint; prepare it for a Glyster, and give it warm.

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5. A Sovereign Medicine for any ach or pain.

Take Barrows-grease, a Lap full of Arch-Angel-leaves, Flowers, Stalks and all, and put it into an Earthen Pot, and stop it close, and paste it; then put in an Horse Dung-hill nine days in the latter End of May, and nine days in the begin∣ning of Iune; then take it forth, and strain it, and so use it.

6. For the Sciatica, and pains in the Ioynts.

Take Balm and Cinquefoil, but most of all Betony, Nep, and Featherfew, stamp them, and drink the Juice with Ale o Wine. Probatum.

7. For an Ague.

Take the Root of a blew Lilly, scrape it clean, and stice it, and lay it in soak all Night in Ale, and in the Morning stamp it, and strain it, and give it the Patient Luke-warm to Drink an hour before the Fit cometh.

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8. For all Fevers and Agues in Sucking Children.

Take Powder of Crystal, and steep it in Wine, and give it the Nurse to drink, also take the Root of Devils-bit, with the Herb, and hang it about the Childs Neck.

9. A good Medicine to strengthen the Back.

Take Comsrey, Knot-grass, and the Flowers of Arch-Angel; boyl them in a little Milk, and Drink it off every Morn∣ing.

10. For the Head-ach.

Take Rose-Cakes, and stamp them very small in a Mortar with a little Ale, and let them be dryed by the Fire on a Tile-sheard, and lay it to the Nape of the Neck, to Bed-ward. Proved.

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11. For the Yellow Iaundise.

Take a great white Onion, and make a hole where the Blade goeth out, to the bigness of a Chesnut, then fill the hole with Treacle, being beaten with half an Ounce of English Honey, and a little Saf∣fron, and set the Onion against the Fire, and Roast it well that it do not burn, and when it is Roasted, strain it through a Cloath, and give the juice thereof to the Sick three days together, and it shall help them.

12. For the Black Iaundise.

Take Fennel, Sage, Parsley, Grom∣well, of each alike much, and make Pot∣tage thereof with a piece of good Pork, and eat no other Meat that day.

13. For Infection of the Plague.

Take a spoonful of Running-water, a spoonful of Vinegar, a good quantity of Treacle, to the bigness of a Hasel Nut; temper all these together, and heat it luke-warm, and drink it every four and twenty hours.

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14. For the Cramp.

Take Oyl of Camomile, and Fenu∣greek, and anoint the place where the Cramp is, and it helpeth.

15. For the Ach of the Ioynts.

Take Marshmallows and sweet Milk, Linseeds, powder of Cummin, the whites of Eggs, Saffron, and white grease, and Fry all these together, and lay it to the aking Joynt.

16. For an Ague.

Take a Pottle of thin Ale, and put there∣to a handful of Parsley, as much Red Fennel, as much Centory, as much Pim∣pernel; and let the Ale be half Consumed away, and then take, and drink there∣of.

17. To make the Countess of Kents Powder.

Take of the Magistery of Pearls, of Crabs-Eyes prepared, of white Amber

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prepared, Harts-Horn, Magistery of white Coral, of Lapis contra Yarvam, of each a like quantity; to these Pow∣ders infused, put of the black tops of the great Claws of Crabs, the full weight of the rest: Beat these all into a fine powder, and sierse them through a fine Lawn sierce: To every ounce of this Powder add a Dram of Oriental Bezoar, make all these up into a lump, or Mass with Jelly of Harts-Horn, and colour it with Saffron, putting thereto a scruple of Amber-grease, and a little Musk also finely powdered, and dry it in the Air, after they are made up into small quantities, you may give to a Man twenty grains, and to a Child twelve Grains. It is Excellent against all Ma∣lignant, and Pestilent Diseases, French Pox, Small-Pox, Measles, Plague, Pe∣stilence, Malignant or Scarlet Fevers, and Melancholy; twenty or thirty Grains thereof being exhibited (in a little warm Sack, or Harts-Horn-Jelly) to a Man, and half as much, or twelve Grains to a Child.

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18. For the Falling Sickness, or Convulsions.

Take the Dung of a Peacock, make it into Powder, and give so much of it to the Patient as will lye upon a Shilling, in a little Succory-water, Fasting.

19. For the Pleurisie.

Take three round Balls of Horse-Dung, and boyl them in a pint of White-wine till half be consumed, then strain it out, and sweeten it with a little Sugar; let the Patient drink of this, and then lye warm.

20. To prevent Miscarrying.

Take Venice-Turpentine, spread it on black brown Paper, the breadth and length of a hand, and lay it to the small of her Back, then let her drink a Caudle made of Muskadine, putting into it the husks of about twenty sweet Almonds, dryed, and finely powdered.

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21. For the Worms in Children.

Take Worm-seed boyled in Beer and Ale, and sweetned with Clarified Honey, and then let them drink it.

22. For the Whites.

Take white washed Turpentine, and make up in Balls like Pills, then take Ci∣namon, and Ginger, and roul the Balls in it, and take them as you would do Pills, Morning and Evening. Proved.

23. For a dry Cough.

Take Anniseeds, Ash-seeds, and Vio∣lets, and beat them to powder, and stamp them, of each a like quantity, then boyl them together in fair water, till it grows thick, then put it up, and let the Patient take of it Morning and Evening.

24. To make Unguentum Album.

Take a pint of Oyl-Olive, and half a pound of Diaculum, Anniseeds a pretty quantity, and put them together, and put

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thereto a pound of Ceruse small grounded, boyl them together a little, and stir them alway till it be cold, and it is done.

25. To destroy the Piles.

Take Oyl of Roses, Frankincense, and Honey, and make an Oyntment of them, and put it into the Fundament, and put Myrrh unto the same, and use often to annoint the Fundament therewith, and let the Fume thereof go into the Funda∣ment.

26. For the Canker.

Take a handful of unset Leeks, with the Roots, and a small quantity of Yar∣row, and boyl them in White-Wine, till they be all very soft, then strain and Cla∣rifie them, and let the Patient drink there∣of Morning and Evening Blood-warm.

27. For the Itch.

Take the Juice of Pennyroyal, the juice of Savin, the juice of Scabious, the juice of Sage, the juice of Pellitory, with some Barrows grease and black soap; temper

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all these together, and make a Salve for the Itch.

28. For the Kings Evil.

Take two Ounces of the Water of Broom-flowers Distilled, and give it in the Morning to the Patient Fasting, and it will Purge the evil Humour downward, and wasteth, and healeth the Kernels with∣out breaking them outwardly.

29. To break an Imposthume.

Take a Lilly-root and an Onion, and boyl them in water till they be soft, then stamp them, and fry them with Swines grease, and lay it to the Imposthume as hot as the Patient may suffer it.

30. For biting of a Mad Dog.

Stamp large Plantain, and lay it to the grieved place, and it will Cure the Sore.

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31. For the Green-Sickness.

Take the Keys of an Ashen-Tree, dry∣ed and beaten to powder; and take of red Fennel, red Sage, Marjoram, and Betony, and seeth them in Running-water, from a Pottle to a Quart, then strain them, and drink thereof a good draught with Sugar, Morning and Evening luke-warm.

32. For Deafness.

Take of Wild Mint, mortifie it, and squeeze it in the hand till it rendreth juice, then take it with it's juice, and put it in∣to the Ear, change it often; this will help the Deafness, if the Person hath heard be∣fore.

33. For the Dropsie.

Take a Gallon of White-Wine, and put into it a handful of Roman Worm∣wood, and a good piece of Horse-Radish, and a good quantity of Broom-ashes ty∣ed in a Cloath; then take a good bunch of dwarf-Elder, beat it in a Mortar, and strain out the juice, and put it into the

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Wine when you will drink it; but if the dwarf-Elder be dry, you must steep a good quantity in the Wine. Take of this half a pint Morning and Evening.

34. For a Sprain in the Back, or any other weakness.

Take a quarter of a pint of good Mus∣kadine, a spoonful of Madder, Incorpo∣rate them well together, then give it the Patlent to drink for three Mornings toge∣ther, and if need requireth, you may use it often in a day. This will strengthen the Back exceedingly.

35. An Excellent Water for Sore Eyes.

Take a Gallon of pure Running-water, and eight Drams of white Coperas, and as much of fine white Salt, mix them to∣gether, and let it simper half an hour over a slow Fire, and then strain it for Use.

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36. A most Excellent Cordial.

Take half a peck of Ripe Elder-Ber∣ries, pick them clean, and let them stand two or three days in an Earthen Pan, till they begin to hoar or mould, then bruise and strain them, and boyl the Liquor ti•••• half be consumed, then putting a pound of Sugar to every pint of Liquor; boyl them to Syrup.

37. A Medicine for an Ague.

Take a quart of the best Ale, and boyl it to a pint, and let the Party drink it as hot as he is able, and then let the Patient¦lye down upon a Bed, and be covered warm when the first Fit grudges, and let a Bason be ready to Vomit in.

38. Another for an Ague.

Take a large Nutmeg, and slice it, and so much Roch-Allom beaten to powder, and put them both into one pint of the best White-Wine, and incorporate them,

Page 141

well together, and let the Patient take one half thereof about half an hour before the the Fit, and then walk apace, or use some other Laborious Exercise, and when the Fit begins to come, take the other half, and continue Exercise. Both these I have known to Cure, to Admirati∣on.

39. For a great Lax, or Loose∣ness.

Take one quart of New Milk, and have ready one half pint of Distilled Plan∣tain-water, and set your Milk over the Fire, and when your Milk by boyling ri∣ses up, take two or three spoonfuls, as Occasion shall be, to allay the rising, and and when it rises again, do the like; and so in like manner till the Plantain-water be all in, and then boyling up as before, let the Patient drink thereof warmed hot, or how else he likes it; I never yet have sound it fail of Curing.

Page 142

40. For Curing of Deafness.

Take Herb-of-Grace, and pound it, then strain it, and take two spoonfuls of the Juice, & put thereto one spoonful of Bran∣dy-Wine, and when it is well evapora∣ted, dip therein a little black wool, or fine Lint, being first bound with a silk thread, and put it into your Ear.

41. For the Scurvey.

Take half a peck of Sea-Seurvey-grass, and as much Water-cresses, of Dwarf-Elder, Roman Wormwood, Red Sage, Fumitory, Harts-Horn, and Liverwort, of each one handful; wash the Water∣cresses, and dry them well; the other Herbs must be rubb'd clean, and not wash∣ed, then add one Ounce of Horse-Rad∣dish, and a good handful of Madder-Roots; beat these with the Herbs, and strain the juice well out, for the last is best, then set it on a quick Fire, and scum it clean, then let it stand till it be settled, and when it is quite cold bottle it up, and keep it in a cold place: You must take four or five spoonfuls with one, spoonful of Syrup

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of Limons put into it, each Morning Fa∣sting, and Fast one hour after it.

42. An Excellent Remedy to procure Conception.

Take of Syrup of Mother-wort, Sy∣rup of Mugwort half an Ounce, of Spi∣rit of Clary two Drams, of the Root of English Snake-weed in fine powder one Dram, Purslain-seed, Nettle-seed, Roch∣et-seed, all in subtle powder, of each two drams: Candied Nutmegs, Eringo-Roots, Satyrion-Roots Preserved, Dates, Pistachoes, Conserve of Suceory, of each three Drams; Cinamon, Saffron in fine powder, of each a seruple, Conserve of Vervain, Pine-Apple-Kernels picked and pilled, of each two drams; stamp and work all these Ingredients in a Mortar to an Electuary, then put it up into Gally-Pots, and keep it for Use. Take of this Electuary the quantity of a good Nutmeg, in a little Glass full of White-Wine, in the Morning Fasting, and at four a Clock After-noon, and as much at Night going to Bed, but be sure do no violent Exer∣cise.

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43. For a sore Breast not Broken.

Take Oyl of Roses, Bean-flower, the Yolk of an Egg, a little Vinegar; tem∣per all these together, then set it before the Fire, that it may be a little warm, then with a Feather strike it upon the Breast Morning and Evening, or any time of the day she finds it pricking.

44. To heal a sore Breast, when broken.

Boyl Lillies in New Milk, and lay it on to break it; and when it is broken Tent it with a Mallow-stalk, & lay on it a Plaister of Mallows boyled in Sheeps Tallow; these are to be used if you cannot keep it from breaking.

45. For a Consumption.

Take a pound and half of Pork, Fat and Lean, and boyl it in water, and put in some Oat-meal, and boyl it till the heart of the Meat be out, then put to it two quarts of Milk, and boyl it a quarter of an hour, and give the Patient a draught in the Morning, After-noon, and Evening,

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and now and then some Barley-water.

46. For the Falling Sickness.

Take Powder of Harts-Horn, and drink it with Wine, and it helpeth the Falling-Evil.

47. For the Tooth-ach.

Take Feathersew, and stamp it, and strain it, and drop a drop or two into the contrary Ear to the pain, and lye still half an hour after.

48. For a Wen.

Take black Soap, and mix it with un∣slaked Lime, made into powder, and lay it upon the Wen, or Kernel.

49. For the Wind.

Take the juice of Red Fennel, and make a Posset of Ale therewith, and drink there∣of.

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50. An Excellent Medicine for the Dropsie.

Take two Gallons of New Ale, then take setwel, Calamus Aromaticus, and Galingale, of each two penny-worth, of Spikenard four penny-worth; stamp all together, and put them into a bag, and hang it in the Vessel, and when it is four days old drink it Morning and Evening.

51. For a Scald Head.

Wash thy Head with Vinegar and Ca∣momil stampt and mingled together; there is no better help for the Scald: Or grind white Hellebore with Swines grease, and apply it to the Head.

52. To make the Plague-water.

Take a handful of Sage, and a handful of Rue, and boyl them in three pints of Malmsey, or Muskadine, till one pint be wasted, then take it off the Fire, and strain the Wine from the Herbs, then put into the Wine two penny-worth of long∣pepper, half an Ounce of Ginger, and

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a quarter of an Ounce of Nutmegs, all grosly bruised, and let it boyl a little again. Then take it off the Fire, and dissolve in it half an Ounce of good Venice-Treacle, and a quarter of an Ounce of Mithridate, and put to it a quarter of a pint of strong Angelica-water, so keep it in a Glass close stopped, for your Use. This Wa∣ter Cureth Small-Pox, Measles, Surfeits, and Pestilential Fevers.

53. A precious Eye-water for any Diseases of the Eye, often proved.

Take of the best White-Wine half a pint, of white Rose-water as much, of the Water of Celendine, Fennel, Eye∣bright, and Rue, of each two Ounces, of prepared Tutia six Ounces, of Cloves as much, Sugar rosate a dram, of Cam∣phire and Aloes, each half a dram; wash the Eyes therewith.

54. A Cordial Iulep.

Take Waters of Endive, Purslain, and Roses, of each two Ounces, Sorrel-wa∣ter half a pint, Juice of Pomegranats, and

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for lack thereof, Vinegar, four Ounces, Camphire three Drams, Sugar one pound. Boyl all these together in the form of a Julep, and give three or four Ounces thereof at a time.

55. To make the Green Oint∣ment.

Take a pound of Swines grease, one Ounce of Verdigrease, half a Scruple of Sal Gemme, this Oyntment may be kept forty Years; it is good against Cancers, and Running Sores, it fretteth away dead Flesh, and bringeth New, and healeth Old Wounds, put it within the Wound, that it fester not.

56. For Fits of the Mother.

Take a brown Toast of soure Bread of the neither Crust, and wash it with Vine∣gar, and put thereto black Soap, like as you would butter a Toast, and lay it un∣der the Navil.

Page 149

57. For the Rickets in Children.

Take of Fennel-Seeds, and Dill-Seeds, but most of the last; boyl them in Beer, and strain it, and sweeten it with Sugar, and let the Child drink often. Probatum.

58. For the Shingles.

Take the green leaves of Colts-foot stamped, and mingled with Honey, and apply it, and it will help.

59. To heal a Fistula, or Ulcer.

Take Figgs, and stamp them with Shoo∣makers-wax, and spread it upon Leather, and lay it on the Sore, and it will heal.

60. For a Woman in Travel.

Take seven or eight leaves of Betony, a pretty quantity of Germander, a branch or two of Penny-royal, three Marygolds, a branch or two of Hyssop, boyl them all in a pint of White-Wine, or Ale, then put into it Sugar and Saffron, and boyl it a quarter of an hour more, and give it to drink warm.

Page 150

61. To make a VVoman be soon deli∣vered, the Child being dead or alive.

Take a good quantity of the best Am∣ber, and beat it exceeding small to pow∣der, then sierse it through a fine piece of Lawn, and so drink it in some Broath or Caudle, and it will will by God's help cause the Patient to be presently Delive∣red.

62. For Infants troubled with wind and Phlegm.

Give them a little pure Sugar-candy finely bruised, in Saxsifrage-water, or Sca∣bious-water in a spoon well mingled toge∣ther.

63. A most excellent Medicine to cause Children to breed their Teeth easily.

Take of pure Capons grease, very well Clarified, the quantity of a Nutmeg, and twice as much of pure Honey, mingle and incorporate them well together, and

Page 151

annoint the Childs Gums therewith three or four times a day, when it is Teething, and they will easily break the Flesh, and prevent Torments and Agues, and other Griefs, which usually Accompany their coming forth.

64. For Agues in Children.

Take a spoonful of good Oyl of Popu∣leon, and put thereto two spoonfuls of good Oyl of Roses, mingle them well together, and then warm it before the Fire, annoint the Childs Joynts and Back, also his Fore-head and Temples twice a day, chasing the Oyntment well in.

65. To cause a Young Child to go to Stool.

Chafe the Childs Navil with May But∣ter before the Fire, then take some Black wool, and dip it in the Butter, and lay it to the Navil, and it will procure a Stool: This is also good for one in Years, that can take no other Medicine.

Page 152

66. For VVorms in Children.

Take of Myrrh and Aloes, very finely powdered, of each a penny-worth, and put thereto a few drops of Chymical Oyl of Wormwood, or Savine, and a little Turpentine; make these up into a Plai∣ster, and lay it to the Childs Navil.

67. To help one that is Blasted.

Take the white of an Egg, and beat it in a Mortar, put to it a quarter of an Ounce of Coperas, and grind them well together, till it come to an Oyntment, and therewith annoint the sore Face, and it will ease the pain, and take away the Swelling; and when it is well nigh whole annoint the place with a little Ppuleon, and that will make the skin fair and well again.

68. An excellent Salve.

Take half a pound of Bees-wax, a pint of Sallet-Oyl, three ounces of Red Lead, boyl all together in a New Earthen Pipkin, keeping it stirring all the while till it grows of a darkish colour; then keep it

Page 153

for Use, or make Sear-cloaths of it while it is hot.

It is most approved against any Pain, Sore, Scald, Cut, Burn; to strengthen the Back, or remove any old Ach what∣soever.

69. A Iu'ep of Dr. Trench, for the Fits of the Mother.

In the time of the Year Distill Black-Cherry-water, Piony flower-water, Cow∣slip-water, Rue, or Herb-grace-water; then take of the waters of Cowslip, Black-Cherries, Piony, Rue, of each an ounce, and add to them water of Ca∣stor half an ounce, Cinamon-water one dram, Syrup of Clove-gilly-flowers three drams; mix all these together, and take two spoonfuls at a time of it, as often as you please.

70. For a Tympany.

Take a handful of the Blossoms of Ma∣rigolds, stamp them, and strain them, and give the Juice thereof to the Patient in a draught of Ale Fasting.

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71. To provoke Terms, a good Medicine

Take Wormwood and Rue, of each one handful, with five or six Pepper-corns, boyl them all together in a quart of white-wine or Malmsey, strain it, and drink thereof.

72. For the Bloody-flux, or Scouring.

Take a great Apple, and cut out the Core, and put therein pure Virgins-wax, then wet a paper and lap it therein, then rake it up in the Embers, and let it roast till it be soft, then eat of it as your sto∣mack will give leave.

73. For a Rheumatick Cough, or Cold.

Take a pint of Hyssop-water, Syrup of Gilly-flowers, Syrup of Vinegar, Syrup of Maiden-hair, Syrup of Colts-foot, of each one ounce; mingle them all together, and drink of it when you please.

Page 155

74. To kill a Fellon.

Take an Egg, and Roast it hard, and take out the Yolk thereof, then Roast an Onion sost, and beat the Yolk and the Onion together, and lay it to the sore, and it will kill the Fellon.

75. For the white Flux.

Take the powder of the Flowers of Pomegranats, and drink it in Red Wine.

76. For the Red Flux.

Take Sperma Caeti, and drink it, and trus up your self with a piece of black Cotton.

77. For the Cancer in a VVomans Breast.

Take The Dung of a Goose, and the Juice of Celandine, and bray them well in a Mortar together, and lay it to the Sore, and this will stay the Cancer, and heal it.

Page 156

78. For an Ague in the Breast.

Take Grounsel, Daisie-leaves and roots, and course W eat sisted; make a Poul∣tess thereof with the Parties own water, and lay it warm to the Breast.

79. For Bleeding at the Nose.

Take Betony, and stamp it with as much Salt as you can hold betwixt your two fin¦gers, and put it into your Nose.

80. For spitting of Blood.

Take Smalledge, Rue, Mints, and Beto∣ny, and boyl them well in good Milk, and drink it warm.

81. To stanch the bleeding of a wound, or at the Nose.

There is not a better thing than the powder of Bole Armoniack, to stanch the bleeding of a Wound, the powder being laid upon it; or for the Nose, to be blown in with a Quill. Or take the sha∣ings of Parchment, and lay it to the

Page 157

Wound, and it stancheth and healeth.

82. To make the Gscoign Powder.

Take of Pearls, white Amber, Harts-Horn, Eyes of Crabs, and white Coral, of each half an Ounce, of black thighs of Crabs Calcined, two Ounces; to every Ounce of this Powder put in a dram of Oriental Bezoar, reduce them all into a very fine powder, and sierse them; then with Harts-Horn-Jelly and a little Saffron put therein, make it up into Paste, and make therewith Lozenges, or Trochices for your Use.

Get your Crabs for this powder about May, or in September before they be boyl∣ed; dry your Lozenges in the Air, not by Fire, nor Sun.

83. For the Megrim, or Impost∣hume in the Head.

Take four penny-weight of the Root of Pellitory of Spain, a Farthing weight of Spikenard, and boyl them in good Vine∣gar, and when it is cold, put thereto a spoonful of Honey, and a Saucer full of Mustard, and mingle them well together,

Page 158

and hold thereof in your Mouth a spoon∣ful at once, and use this eight or nine times, spitting it out continually.

84. For pain in the ears.

Take the juice of Wild Cucumbers, and put it into the Ears, and it asswageth the pain. Also put the wood of green Ash in the Fire, and save the Liquor that cometh out at the End, and put it into the Ears, it causeth the pain to cease, and amendeth the Hearing: Also beat the Juice of Wormwood, and drop it into the Ears.

85. A precious water for the Eye-sight, made by K. Edward the Sixth.

Take Smalledge, Red Fennel, Rue, Vervain, Betony, Agrimony, Pimper∣nel, Eufrane, Sage, Celandine, of each a like quantity; first wash them clean, then stamp them, and put them in a fair Brazen Pan, with the powder of four∣teen or fifteen Pepper-Corns, fair iersed into a pint of good White-Wine; put them into the Herbs, with three spoon∣fuls of Honey, and five spoonfuls of the

Page 159

water of a Man-Child, that is sound; mingle all together, and boyl them over the Fire, and when it is boyled, strain it through a fine Linnen Cloath, and put it into a Glass, and stop it well and close, till you use it; and when you need, put a little thereof into the Sore Eyes with a Feather, but if it be dry, temper it with White-Wine, and it profiteth much all manner of Sore Eyes: This Water was used by K. Edward the Sixth.

86. My Lord Dennies Medicine for the Gout.

Take Burdock-Leaves and stalks, cut them small, and stamp them very small, then strain them, and cleanse them, and when you have so done, put them into Glasses, and put pure Oyl of Olives on the top of them, and stop it close from the Air, and when you would use it for the Gout, pour it into a Porringer, and warm it, and wet Linnen Cloaths in it, and apply it warm to the grieved place, warming your Cloaths one after another, as they grow cold that are on.

Page 160

87. Dr. Stephen's Sovereign water.

Take a Gllon of good Gascoign Wine, then take Ginger, Galingale, Cancel, Nutmeg, Grains, Cloves, Anniseeds, Carraway-seeds, of each a dram; then take Sage, Mints, Red Roses, Thyme, Pellitory, Rosemary, Wild Thyme, C∣momile, Lavender, of each a handful; then bray both Spices and Herbs, and put them all into the Wine, and let them stand for twelve hours, divers times stirring them; then Distill in an Alembeck, but keep that which you Distill first by it self, for that is the best, but the other is good al∣so, but not so good as the first. This wa∣ter comforteth the Vital Spirits, and help∣eth inward Diseases which come from Cold; it helpeth Conception in Women that are Barren, and Killeth Worms in the Body; it Cureth the cold Cough, and helpeth the Tooth-ach, it comforteth the Stomack, and Cureth stinking breath; it preserveth the Body in good liking, and makes them look Young.

Page 161

88. The VVater called Aqua Mirabilis & Pretiosa, made by Dr. Wil∣loughby.

Take of Galingale, Cloves, Mace, Cucubes, Ginger, Cardamum, Nut∣megs, Mellilot, Saffron four Ounces, and beat all these into powder, Agrimony-wa∣ter the quantity of a dram, and somewhat more; then take of the juice of Selandine half a pint, and mingle all these together, with a pint of good Aqua-Vitae, and three pints of good White-Wine; put all these together in a Still of Glass, and let it stand so all Night, and on the Morrow Distill it with an easie Fire as may be: This water dissoveth the swelling of the Lungs with∣out any Grievance, and helpeth, and com∣forteth them being wounded, and suffer∣eth not the Blood to putrifie; he shall ne∣ver need be let Blood, that useth this wa∣ter, it suffers not the Heart to burn, nor Melancholy, nor Rheum to have Domi∣nion above Nature; it also expelleth Rheum, and purifieth the Stomach.

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89. To make Allom-water.

Take a pound of Allom, and beat it to Powder, then take a Gallon of clean wa∣ter, and set it on the Fire, letting it boyl till all the Allom be melted, then take it off the Fire, and when it is cold put it in∣to a Glass, and keep it for your Use.

90. To make an excellent Electuary, called the Electuary of Life.

Take Scorlegio, Morre, Gentiana, Gran∣doret, and Ialaom, of each a like quanti∣ty; stamp them, and strain them, and mingle them with Honey, that hath been well boyled on the Fire, and scummed clean: This is Excellent for Sickness in the Stomach, or pain in the Belly, Heart, or Head; or for those that are bitten with any venemous Beast, or Poysoned; it must be taken in water, three or four spoonfuls at a time, in the Morning Fast∣ing; if the Disease be of any long time standing, he must drink it fiften days to∣gether, and he will be whole. Probatum.

Page 163

91. Against heat of the Liver.

Take Fennel, Endive, Succory, Plan∣tain, of each alike; Distill them with Red Wine and Milk, and use it every Morning, nine spoonfuls at a time, with a draught of Wine and Sugar, or else five spoonfuls thereof alone.

92. For Swooning Fits.

For Swooning, and weakness of the Heart in Fever and Sicknesses, or if it come of other cause, stamp Mints with Vinegar, and a little Wine, if the Pati∣ent have no Fever, then toast a bit of Bread, till it be almost burnt, and put it therein till it be well soaked, then put it in the Nose of the Patient, and rub his Lips, Tongue, Gums, Teeth, and Tem∣ples; and let him chew and such the moistness thereof, and swallow it.

Page 164

93. A Water for the Eyes, to make a Man see in forty days, who hath been Blind seven Years before, if he be under fifty years of Age.

Take Smalledge, Fennel, Rue, Beto∣ny, Vervain, Agrimony, Cinquef oil, Pimpernel, Eye-bright, Celandine, Sage, of each a quartern; wash them clean, and stamp them, do them in a fair mashing∣pan, put thereto a quart of good White-Wine, and the powder of thirty Pepper-corns, six spoonfuls of Live Honey, and ten spoonfuls of the Urine of a Man-Child that is wholsom; mingle them well together, and boyl them till half be wa∣sted, then take it down, and strain it, and afterwards Clarifie it, and put it into a Glass Vessel well stopt, and put thereof with a Feather into the Eyes of the Blind; and let the Patient use this Medicine at Night when he goeth to Bd, and within forty days he shall see: It is good for all manner of sore Eyes. Wild Tansie-water is good for the Eye-sight, and eat∣ing of Fennel-seed is good for the same.

Page 165

94. For a Web in the eye.

The Leaves of white Honey-Suckles, and Ground-Ivy, of each a like quantity ground together, and put every day into the Eye, Cureth the Web. Or else Salt burnt in a Flaxen Cloath, and tempered with Honey, and with a Feather annoint∣ed on the Eye-lids, killeth worms that annoynt the Eye-lids.

95. For moist Scabs after the Small-Pox.

Take Lapis Calaminaris, Letharge of Gold and Silver, of each two drams, Brim∣stone and Ceruse two Ounces; bring all these into a fine powder, and then beat them in a Mortar with so much Barrows-grease as is sufficient to make it up in an Oyntment, and annoint the places there∣with Evening and Morning.

96. To bring down the Flowers.

Take of Alligant, Muskadine, or Cla∣ret a pint, burn it, and sweeten it well with Sugar, put thereto two spoonfuls

Page 166

of Sallet-Oyl; then take a good Bead of Amber in powder in a spoon, with some of the VVine after it: Take this Evening and Morning.

97. To stay the Flowers.

Take Amber, Coral, Pearl, Jeat, of each alike; grind them to a fine powder, and sierse them, take thereof as much as will lye upon a Six-pence with Conserve of Quinces, and drink a draught of New milk after it: Use this every morning.

98. To Cure Corns.

Take Beans, and chew them in your mouth, and tye fast to your Corn, and it will help: Do this at Night.

99. To make Oyl of Roses.

Take Red Rose-leaves a good quantity, and stamp in a Mortar, and put thereto Oyl-Olive, and let it stand in the Sun twelve days, and then put it in a Glass; and bind the Glass fast about with Ropes of Hay, and set it in a Pan full of water, and let it boyl softly two hours, and then

Page 167

et it cool, then put it in small Glasses, and put thereto the Leaves of Red Roses, all whole, and stop it fast, and set it in the Sun for sixteen days, and so use it at your need.

100. For any Itch, or Breaking out.

Take Frankincense, and beat it small in a Mortar, and mingle it with Oyl of Bays, and therewith annoint all over, and it will destroy the Itch.

101. For the Piles after Child-Birth.

Make a Bath of VVormwood, South∣ern-wood, Cinamon-Rinde, and the bark of Cassia Fistula boyled well in VVine; when the VVoman delivered goeth forth of the Bath, put bombace, or Cotton with powder of Alloes, mixed with Oyl of Penny-royal, unto her lower parts.

102. For a Stich in the Side.

Take three handfuls of mallows, boyl them in a little raw Milk, and put thereto

Page 168

a handful of VVheat-Bran, and let the boyl together, and then wring out the Milk, and lay it hot to the Stitch, apply it often. Or take a few Leaves of Rue and Yarrow, stamp them together, and wring out the Juice, and drink it with a little Ale.

103. For a Tertian, or double-Tertian Ague.

Take a good quantity of Celandine, a spoonful of Salt, and the bigness of an Egg in Leven, and as much Alligant and Spanish Soap; stamp them well in a Mor∣tar, and make a Plaister of them, and apply them to the Patients Feet one hour before the coming of the Fit; add thereto four or five Yolk of Eggs. Or take of Anniseed-water, the best you can get, half a pound of Oyl of Vitriol, shake them well together, and drink one or two spoonfuls thereof, an hour before the Fit comes.

104. For the Spleen.

Boyl the Rindes and Keys of an Ash-Tree very tender in white-wine, and drink a good draught thereof for six or

Page 169

seven Mornings together, and it will much ease the Patient; when you drink this annoint the Spleen with Unguentum Di∣althea every Morning and Evening, ap∣plying also a Plaister of Melilot to the place.

105. An Excellent Powder for the Green-Sickness.

Take four scruples of Gentian made into fine powder, of raspt Ivory, and Harts-Horn, of each two scruples; make these into fine powder, and give a spoonful thereof with White-Wine, or the like at once.

106. A Drink that healeth all Wounds without any Plaister, or Oyntment, or without any taint, most perfectly.

Take Sanicle, Milfoil, and Bugle, of each a like quantity, stamp them in a Mortar, and temper them with Wine, and give the Sick that is Wounded to drink twice or thrice a day till he be whole: Bugle holdeth open the Wound, Milfoil cleanseth the Wound, Sanicle healeth it;

Page 170

but Sanicle may not be given to him that is hurt in the Head, or in the Brain-pan, for it is dangerous. This is a good and try∣ed Medicine.

107. For pricking of a Thorn.

Take of Violet-leaves one handful, stamp them together, and take a quantity of Boars-grease, ond of Wheat-bran one handful, set it on the Fire in clean water, and make a Plaister thereof, and lay it to the Grief.

108. To make Oyl of St. Johns wort, good for any Ach, or pain.

Take a quart of Sallet-Oyl, and put thereto a quart of Flowers of St. Iohns wort well picked, let them lye therein all the Summer, till the Seeds of that Herb be ripe, the Glass must be kept warm, either in the Sun, or in the water all the Summer, till the Seeds be ripe, then put in a quart of St. Iohns wort-seeds whole, and so let it stand twelve hours, the Glass being kept open, then you must boyl the Oyl eight hours, the water in the Pot

Page 171

full as high as the Oyl in the Glass; when it is cold, strain it, that the Seed remain not in it, and so keep it for your Use.

109. For the Tissick.

Take two Ounces of Licorise, scraped and bruised, of Figgs three Ounces, of Agrimony, Horehound, Enula Campana, of each a handful, boyl them all together in a Gallon of water, till the half be wa∣sted, then strain the Herbs from the juice, and use it early and late. Also for the dry Tissick, stamp Fennel-Roots, and drink the juice thereof with White-Wine.

110. To make Oyl of Fennel.

Put a quantity of Fennel between two Tile-stones, or Plates of Iron, make them very hot, and press out the Liquor; and this Oyl will keep a great while, for it is good for the Tissick, dry Scab, burning and scalding.

Page 172

III. To make the black Plaister for all manner of Griefs.

Take a quantity of Oyl-Olive, a quan∣tity of Red Lead, boyl these together, and stirr them with a Slice of wood continual∣ly, till it be black, and some what thick; then take it off the Fire, and put in it a penny-worth of Red wax, and a pound of Rosin, and set it to the Fire again, but do not blaze it, and stir it, then take it off, and let it stand till it be cold, and make it in a lump: It is good for a New Wound, or to stanch Blood, pour a lit∣tle of it in a dish, and if it stick fast to the Dishes side, then it is enough; keep it for your Use as need requireth.

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