Truth lifting up its head above scandals Wherein is declared what God Christ Father Son Holy Ghost Scriptures Gospel Prayer Ordinances of God are. By Gerrard Winstanly.
Winstanley, Gerrard, b. 1609.
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IF Reason, King, doe rule in thee,
There's truth, and peace, and clemency:
No rash distemper will there be,
No filthy lusts, but chastitie.
In all thy actions to behold,
Just dealing, love, as pure as gold.
When Reason rules in whole mankinde,
Nothing but peace, will all men finde:
Their hearts he makes both meeke, and kinde,
And troublesome thoughts he throws behinde.
For he is truth, and love, and peace,
Makes wars and lewdnesse for to cease.
He makes no prisons for the poor,
He doth condemne and judge the whore:
He makes all men to sin no more,
As they have done in times before;
But restores all to what hath beene,
And heales the creature of his sin.
And why doe men so clamor then,
Against this powerfull King in men.