Davids zeale for Zion a sermon preached before sundry of the honourable House of Commons : at St. Margarets at Westminster, April 4
Wilson, Thomas, 1601-1653.
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TO THE RIGHT WORSHIPFVLL, Sir EDWARD DERING, of Sarendon-Dering, in the County of Kent, Knight and Baronet.


IT is Bernards* saying, Nemo esse bonus plusquàm oporter po∣test; There is not a man alive can be better then he should be; and it is without doubt he is not good, who would not be bet∣ter: Ubi incipis nolle fieri melior, ibi etiam desinis esse bonus; adding they be professedly the children of the luke-warm, who say, We will be no better then our Fathers: Nolumus esse meliores quàm patres nostri; whereas men are in Religion not to be stinted by any Antiquity, but what is divine from God the Ancient of dayes. The children of light be proficients, they reach forward, their spark comes to be a coale, their coale a most vehement flame; God hath kindled in your Page  [unnumbered] breast an ardent love to the house of God, your zeale provokes many, your zeale makes many a glad heart, your zeale honours God, who hath put honour upon you: For them that honour him, he will honour. Your present employment in the honourable House of Commons in Parliament, cals for zeale: It is a fire, 1. Active, to set all on work, the hand, the tongue, the head, the heart. 2. Quick, speedy; it is an utter enemy of delayes in its work. 3. Vehe∣ment; it bestoweth the top of affection, and strength of intentions on what it loves. 4. Aspiring; it is the highest element, mounts up nearer heaven, nearer the Lord. Anciently, they who published Books were wont to honor Personages with the patronage of that, which they found them to be lovers or professors of; To whom then may this present word of zeale (which once you heard with patience) be Dedicated more properly, then unto you? Whose abilities in conjunction with zeale, graced with magnanimity, and modesty, render you amiable to all that know you, and honourable in mindes that heare of you. I humbly pray your acceptance of this my memorizing your zeale for Zion; You reade not here swelling words of vanity, my study was to be not plausible but profitable; Nos autem qui rerum magis quàm verborum amatores, utilia Page  [unnumbered] potius quàm plausibilia sectamur:* This I present you withall, to deliver my selfe from suspition and imputation of an unthankfull minde towards you, who countenanced me with a* mention too ho∣nourable for me, when I was in contempt; who testifie my respect to you much honoured of good men for well-doing: Others zeale would have consumed me, but that your zealez consumed you; for I have seen God in you, yet I have a greater bond of deeper acknowledgement of your zeale, then your many favours to me-ward amount unto, which is the faithful discharge of that place the Country hath most worthily put upon you, and intrusted you withall; wherein your forwardnesse for the good of the Church (the welfare whereof is above my chiefe joy) hath been to my comfort, hath warmed many a heart, and hath occasioned thanksgiving by many unto God. The fruit of true wisdome is credit and confi∣dence, Eccl. 8. 1. A mans wisdome makes his face to shine, and the boldnesse of his face shall be changed, as faultlesse and fearlesse. Adorn your personall suf∣ficiencies with the true fear of God, a wise mans trea∣sure, a zealous forwardnesse for Gods glory, goodnes, and good causes, whereby your publique imployment may be blessed: Keep good conscience, the dearest jewell your heart can have in it; Hold a constant Page  [unnumbered] countermotion to the course of the world; minde the life of grace as that which farre excels all or∣naments of nature, art, or policy, that it animates and ennobles them. What you doe for God, doe it by his Word, all Laws are to be rectified by Gods Law, men must set their Watch by the Dyall, and the Dyall by the Sun. This way the more you labour, the more rest will you finde. Thus with my unfained prayers to the God of all grace,*That he may esta∣blish your heart unblamable in holinesse, and guiding you by his counsell, may after receive you to glory.

Otham, in Kent.

Your Worships Petitioner to the Throne of Grace,