An essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language by John Wilkins ...
Wilkins, John, 1614-1672., Wilkins, John, 1614-1672. Alphabetical dictionary.


THe word SPACE, Scope, Room, Compass, Interim, Interval, (accor∣ding to the common use of it) is a name importing the more ge∣neral notion of that wherein any thing is contained or done;* Comprehending both

  • Time.
  • Place.
  • Situation.

*I. By TIME, Tract, Tide, Process, Opportunity, Season, Continuance, is meant continued successive Quantity, having for its common term, IN∣STANT, Moment, Trice, Nick.

This is distinguishable according to the

  • Simple differences of it.
    • PRESENT, at this time, now, immediately, instantly▪ current, ready.
      • PAST, expired, former, fore-going, ago, already, even now, hereto∣fore, gone, over, out, a-late, erewhile, long since.
      • FVTVRE, time to come, after-time, hereafter, presently, anon, by and by, shortly, straitway, ere long, henceforth, process of time, after a long while.
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  • Page  187Mixed relations of it.
    • Comparative; betwixt
      • The Existings of several things; whether ‖ both together in the same time: or whether in diverse times, so that one is before or after the other.
        • SIMULTANEOUS, of the same time, Synchronism▪ contemporary, compatible, consist, together, concomitant.
        • DISTANT,
          • PRECEDING, antecedent, former, foregoing, previ∣ous, Priority, before, take place, get the start, Predeces∣sor, premise.
          • SVCCEEDING, latter, Posteriority, succedaneous, hinder, follow, go after, Successor.
      • The Considerations of the same thing at several times; whether
        • Past; ‖ little: or much.
          • NEWNESS, Renovation, innovate, renew, anew, Neoteric, Neo∣phyte, novel, Novice, Puny, modern, fresh, upstart, green, late, last, a little while ago.
          • OLDNESS, ancient, Antiquity, pristin, senior, stale, inveterate, of long standing, yore, obsolete, out of date, a long while ago.
        • Future; ‖ little: or much
          • SOONNESS, sudden, early, rath, betimes, forthwith, shortly, pre∣sently, eftsoon, quickly, in a trice, out of hand, imminent, immedi∣ate, incontinent, instant, ready, anticipate, accelerate, put on, rid way, in the turning of a hand, twinckling of an eye, timely, spee∣dily, in hast, after a little time.
          • LATENESS, tardy, last, adjourn, defer, delay, put off, out of date, di∣latory, procrastinate, prolong, prorogue, protract, respite, retard, after a long while, far in the day.
    • Absolute;
      • Particular;
        • Determinate; expressing ‖ at what time a thing was: or from whence it is to be reckoned.
          • DATE.
          • EPOCHA, Hegira.
        • Indeterminate; expressing only the
          • Continuing of it; ‖ a great: or little time.
            • PERMANENCY, lasting, abiding, continuing, durable, stay, remain, persevere, enduring, incessant, indelible, perennial, tedious, hold out, of standing.
            • TRANSITORINESS, fading, flitting, frail, glance, transient, temporary, short, for a spirt, for a little while, quickly gone.
          • Recurring of it; ‖ many: or few times.
            • FREQUENCY, often, ever and anon, thick, rife, common, recourse, resort.
            • SELDOMNESS, rare, scarce, strange, unusual, thin, desuetude.
      • Vniversal;
        • Collective; when a thing continues ‖ throughout the whole time: or only some intermediate parts of it.
          • PERPETUITY, continual, incessant, still, at all times, alwayes.
          • AT TIMES, temporary, by snatches, by fits, bout, ever and anon, now and then, respit, sometimes.
        • Distributive; when a thing exists ‖ in every part of time: or not in any part of it.
          • EVERNESS, Eternity, endless, for ever and ever, always.
          • NEVERNESS.

Page  188*II. The Space wherein any thing is contained, is called PLACE, Room, local, standing, station, precinct, set, put, position, lay, dispose, pitch, plant Guns, dislocate, Prospect.

It is distinguishable, as the former, according to the more

  • Simple differences of it; denoting that place; ‖ wherein we are: or out of which we are.
    • PRESENCE, face to face, at hand, here, hand to hand, confront, rea∣dy, residence.
    • ABSENCE, Mich, away, non-residence.
  • Mixed relations of it.
    • Comparative; betwixt the
      • Existence of several things; ‖ whether both together in the same place: or in divers places.
        • CONTIGUITY, touch, contact, hit, joyn, close, grazing.
        • DISTANCE, off, keep off, bear off, stave off, way off, set farther, stand away.
      • Consideration of Distance or Place interposed, according to the diffe∣rences of ‖ Little: or Much.
        • NEARNESS, Vicinity, Propinquity, Proximity, nigh, next close, ad∣jacent, adjoyn, neighbour, imminent, impendent, immediate, ready at hand, accost, draw on, approach, at, by, hard-by, besides, hithermost.
        • REMOTENESS, far, farther, aloof, wide of, distant, outmost, ulti∣mate, great way off.
    • Absolute;
      • Particular.
        • Determinate; expressing what is the particular place ‖ to which a thing belongs: or whence it began.
          • HOME, Scene.
          • RISE, Source, Country, Original, Spring, Root.
        • Indeterminate; xpressing only
          • The taking up of ‖ a great: or little place.
            • AMPLENESS, spacious, large, burly, wide, vast.
            • NARROWNESS, close, scantness, strictness, restrained.
          • The occurring in ‖ many: or few places.
            • OBVIOUSNESS, common, rise, thick.
            • RARENESS, seldom, scarce, thin.
      • Vniversal.
        • Collective; when a thing is continued ‖ throughout the whole place: or is only in some parts of it.
          • CONTINUANCE, produce, subsist, along, close.
          • DISCONTINUANCE, by coasts, sparsim, cease, pause, respit, break off, intermit, interrupt.
        • Distributive; when a thing is in ‖ every place: or none.
          • UBIQUITY, Omnipresence.
          • NVLLIBIETY.

Page  189III. The mixed Notion made up of Position and Place,* or the Applica∣tion of the parts of a Body to the parts of Place, respectively, is styled SITUATION, Seat, set, site, lying, standing, pitch, plant, Position, placing; to which may be annexed, by way of affinity, that respect of the imagi∣nary face of a thing towards some other thing or place, called VER∣GENCY, tending, leaning, inclining, hanker, toward, upon that hand, Rhombe.

These are either more

  • General; respecting ‖ the Vniverse: or the four chief terms of it.
    • EAST Orient.
    • WEST, Occidental.
    • NORTH, Septentrional, Arctic.
    • SOVTH, Meridional, Antarctic.
  • Special; with relation to the several parts of any thing, consider'd as a
    • Line; the interjacent part: or those which are most remote from each other.
      • MIDDLE, Intermediate, Mean, Core, Heart, Wast, main body, Noon, between both, Interim, Interval.
      • EXTREME, Term, last, end, utter, utmost.
        • END, final, last, extremity, ultimate, surcease, terminate, expire, in fine.
        • BEGINNING, First.
    • Superficies; the outmost parts of which, being considered either with relation to the thing it self: or some other thing to which it is ad∣joyned, is commonly styled
      • SIDE, Flank, Wing, Cheek, lateral, collateral, Limb, Rim, Brim, Brink, Edge-wise, Hem, Ridg, Skirt, Lift, Selvage, Welt, Gard, Eaves, Battlement.
      • MARGIN, Limit, Marchess, Border, Verge, Meer, Bound, Term, Front-ier, Land-mark, adjacent, abutt, confine, Purliew.
    • Body;
      • In general; either as to such parts as are
        • Higher: or Lower.
          • UPPER-SIDE, Ridge, above, vertical.
          • VNDER-SIDE, lower, neather, bottom.
        • Within: or Without.
          • IN-SIDE, internal, intrinsecal, inward, inner, inmost, intestine,
          • OVT-SIDE, external, extrinsecal, outward, outmost, utter, ut∣most, Surface, superficial, exterior, ambient.
      • Living Bodies; specially men, with relation either to
        • The Head: or Foot.
          • TOP, Tip, Head, Crown, Vpper end, Knap, Apex, Vertical, Chapiter.
          • BOTTOM, Base, Lower end, Pedestal, Foot, Sole.
        • The Face: or Back.
          • FORE-PART, Front, Frontispiece, Prow, Van-tguard, Van∣ward, foreward.
          • HINDER-PART, Back, Rere, rereward, endorse, last, Poop, Posterior,
        • The right hand: or left hand.
          • RIGHT SIDE, Dexter, Starrbord.
          • LEFT SIDE, Sinister, Larrbord.