The travels of Sig. Pietro della Valle, a noble Roman, into East-India and Arabia Deserta in which, the several countries, together with the customs, manners, traffique, and rites both religious and civil, of those Oriental princes and nations, are faithfully described : in familiar letters to his friend Signior Mario Schipano : whereunto is added a relation of Sir Thomas Roe's Voyage into the East-Indies.
Della Valle, Pietro, 1586-1652., Roe, Thomas, Sir, 1581?-1644., Havers, G. (George)

SECTION XXIX. Of the manner of the style or writing of that Court.

WHich I shall here insert, and in some measure shew, by the Copy of a Letter written by the Great Mogol unto King James, in the Persian Tongue, here faithfully translated, which was as follows:

UNto a King rightly descended from his Ancestors, bred in Military Affairs, clothed with Honour and Justice, a Com∣mander worthy of all Command, strong and constant in the Re∣ligion, which the great Prophet Christ did teach King James; whose Love hath bred such an impression in my thoughts, as shall never be forgotten, but as the smell of Amber, or as a Garden of Page  474 fragrant flowers, whose Beauty and Odour is still increasing: so be assured, my Love shall still grow and increase with yours.

The Letters which you sent me in the behalf of your Mer∣chants I have received, whereby I rest satisfied of your tender Love towards me, desiring you not to take it ill, that I have not wrote to you heretofore: This present Letter I send to you to re∣new our Loves, and herewith do certifie you, that I have sent forth my Firmaunes throughout all my Countries to this effect, That if any English Ships or Merchants shall arrive in any of my Ports, my People shall permit and suffer them to do what they please, freely in their Merchandizing-Causes, aiding and assisting them in all occasion of injuries that shall be offered them, that the least cause of discourtesie be not done unto them; that they may be as free, or freer then my own People.

And as now, and formerly, I have received from you divers Tokens of your Love; so I shall still desire your mindfulness of me by some Novelties from your Countries, as an argument of friendship betwixt us, for such is the custom of Princes here.

And for your Merchants, I have given express Order through all my Dominions, to suffer them to buy, sell, transport, and carry away at their pleasure, without the lett or hinderance of any person whatsoever, all such Goods and Merchandizes as they shall desire to buy; and let this my Letter as fully satisfie you in de∣sired Peace and Love, as if my own Son had been Messenger to ra∣tifie the same.

And if any in my Countries, not fearing God, nor obeying their King, or any other void of Religion, should endeavour to be an Instrument to break this League of Friendship, I would send my Son Sultan Caroom, a Souldier approved in the Wars, to cut him off, that no obstacle may hinder the continuance, and increase of our Affections.

Here are likewise the Complements of two other Letters of later date, sent home by Sir Thomas Row, whereof the first doth thus begin:

WHen your Majesty shall open this Letter, let your Royal Heart be as fresh as a small Garden, let all People make Reverence at your Gate. Let your Throne be advanced higher. Amongst the greatness of the Kings of the Prophet Jesus, let your Majesty be the greatest; and all Monarchs derive their Wisdom, and Counsel from your Breast, as from a Fountain, that the Law of the Majesty of Jesus may receive, and flourish under your pro∣tection.

The Letters of Love and Friendship which you sent me, the present Tokens of your good Affection towards me, I have recei∣ved by the Hands of your Ambassadour, Sir Thomas Row, who well deserveth to be your trusty Servant, delivered to me in an acceptable and happy hour; upon which mine Eyes were so fix∣ed, that I could not easily remove them unto any other Objects, and have accepted them with great joy and delight, &c.

Page  475The last Letter had this beginning:

HOw gracious is your Majesty, whose greatness God pre∣serve. As upon a Rose in a Garden, so are mine Eyes fixed upon you. God maintain your Estate, that your Monarchy may prosper and be augmented, and that you may obtain all your desires worthy the greatness of your Renown; and as the Heart is noble and upright: so let God give you a glorious reign, because you strongly defend the Law of the Majesty of Jesus, which God made yet more flourishing, for that it was confirmed by Miracles, &c.

What followed in both those Letters, was to testifie his Care and Love towards the English. Now all these Letters were written in the Persian Tongue, the Court-Language there, and their Copies were sent to the Ambassadour, that he might get them translated. The Originals rowled up somewhat long, were covered with Cloth of Gold, sealed up on both ends, the fashion in that Court and Country to make up Let∣ters, though they be not all cloathed there in such a glorious dress.

In which Letters, notice may be taken (what was observed before) how respectively that King speaks of our Blessed Sa∣viour Christ. And here it will not be impertinent to speak something of those who pretend to enlarge the Name of Jesus Christ in those parts, I mean,