Episcopal and Presbyterial government conjoyned proposed as an expedient for the compremising of the differences, and preventing of those troubles about the matter of Church-Government
Ussher, James, 1581-1656.


The Provincial Synod might consist of all the Bi∣shops and Suffragans, and such other of the Clergy as should be elected out of every Diocess within the Province; The Primate of either Province might be Moderator of this meeting (or in his room some one of the Bishops appointed by him) and all matters be ordered therein by common consent as in the former Assembly.

Page  13 This Synod might be held every third year, and * if the Parliament do then sit (according to the Act for a Triennial Parliament) both the Primates and Provincial Synods of the Land might joyn together, and make up a National Counsel: Wherein all Ap∣peals from inferior Synods might be received, all their Acts examined, and all Ecclesiastical constituti∣ons which concern the state of the Church of the whole Nation established.