Episcopal and Presbyterial government conjoyned proposed as an expedient for the compremising of the differences, and preventing of those troubles about the matter of Church-Government
Ussher, James, 1581-1656.


The Diocesan Synod might be held once or twice in the year, as it should be thought most convenient: * Therein all the Suffragans and the rest of the Rectors or Incumbent Pastors (or a certain select number) of every Deanry within that Diocess might meet, with whose consent, or the Major part of them, all things might be concluded by the Bishop or Superin∣tendent (call him whither you will) or in his ab∣sence by one of the Suffragans whom he shall depute in his stead to be Moderator of that Assembly.

Here all matters of greater moment might be taken into consideration, and the Orders of the Monthly Synods revised, and (if need be) Reformed: And if here also any matters of difficulty could not receive a full determination; it might be referred to the next Provincial or National Synod.