Episcopal and Presbyterial government conjoyned proposed as an expedient for the compremising of the differences, and preventing of those troubles about the matter of Church-Government
Ussher, James, 1581-1656.


Whereas by a Statute in the 26th year of King Henry the eight (revived in the first of Queen Eliza∣beth)* Suffiagans are appointed to be erected in twen∣ty six several places of this Kingdom, the number of them might very well be conformed unto the num∣ber of the several rural Deanries into which every Diocess is subdivided; which being done, the Suffra∣gan (supplying the place of those who in the anci∣ent Church were called Chorepiscopi) might every month assemble a Synod of all the Rectors, or In∣cumbent Pastors within the Precinct, and according to the Major part of their voices conclude all mat∣ters that should be brought into debate before them.

To this Synod the Rector and Church-Wardens might present such impenitent persons, as by admoni∣tion and suspension from the Sacrament, would not be reformed; who if they should still remain contuma∣cious and incorrigible, the sentence of Excommuni∣cation might be decreed against them by the Synod, and accordingly be executed in the Parish where they lived.

Hitherto also all things that concerned the Paro∣chial Ministers might be referred, whether they did touch their Doctrine or their Conversation; as also Page  13 the censure of all new Opinions, Heresies, or Schisms, which did arise within that Circuit; with liberty of Appeal, if need so require, unto the Dioce∣san Synod.