Episcopal and Presbyterial government conjoyned proposed as an expedient for the compremising of the differences, and preventing of those troubles about the matter of Church-Government
Ussher, James, 1581-1656.
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EPISCOPAL AND Presbyterial Government CONJOYNED: Proposed as an Expedient for the compre∣mising of the Differences, and preventing of those Troubles about the matter of CHURCH-GOVERNMENT.

Written in the Late times by the late Learned and Famous Ja. Usher, Arch-Bishop of Ar∣magh and Primate of Ireland. And now published, seriously to be considered by all sober conscientious Persons, and tendred to all the Sons of Peace and Truth in the three Nations, for recovering the Peace of the Church, and setling its Government.

Tolle jano nominis crimen, & nihil restat nisi criminis nomen,

Tert. Apol.

Contra rationem nemo sobritis; contra Scripturam nemo Christia∣nus; contra Ecclesiam nemo pacificus senserit.

Aug. de Trin.

London, Printed in the Year 1679.