The tryal of Sir Henry Vane, Kt. at the Kings Bench, Westminster, June the 2d. and 6th, 1662 together with what he intended to have spoken the day of his sentence (June 11) for arrest of judgment (had he not been interrupted and over-ruled by the court) and his bill of exceptions : with other occasional speeches, &c. : also his speech and prayer, &c. on the scaffold.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662, defendant., England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.

Secondly, Concerning Transactions at the Grand Jury.

(2.) The Grand. Jury of Middlesex, without my privity, know∣ledge or presence, (after I had been kept a close Prisoner two full years) did meet, take the Depositions of Witnesses, and find the Bill against me, which inevitably exposed me to a Tryal at the Kings Bench Page  65 Bar, for I knew not what; whereas Major Rolph and others have had the Right of Englishmen granted them, to be present at the Grand Juries proceedings; yea, and to have Counsel also present, to plead any thing in a way of Reason or Law, for invalidating the Testimony or disabling the Witnesses, whereby the Indictment hath been imme∣diately quash'd, and so, the party accused, delivered from any shadow of Infamy, by so much as appearing in the circumstances of a Male-factor at any publick Bar of Justice.

That this Prisoner had great need of that Priviledge, of being present himself, or having Counsel and other Friends present at the Grand Jury, will appear hereafter, by the subdolous and injurious handling of matters there.