The tryal of Sir Henry Vane, Kt. at the Kings Bench, Westminster, June the 2d. and 6th, 1662 together with what he intended to have spoken the day of his sentence (June 11) for arrest of judgment (had he not been interrupted and over-ruled by the court) and his bill of exceptions : with other occasional speeches, &c. : also his speech and prayer, &c. on the scaffold.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662, defendant., England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.

First, Concerning my Imprisonment.

(1.) I Shall here mention my entrance into this new Scene of Suffer∣ings, under the present Power, (after my having been handled at will and pleasure, under the six years Usurpation of Cromwel) which I conceive not to have been at all according to the Law of the Land, as may appear by the 29th chap. of Magna Charta, and Cook upon it, with many other Statutes and Law-Books: In all which it appears, that the Law of England is so tender, not to say curious, in providing for the Subjects Liberty, that he is not to suffer the least restraint, con∣finement of imprisonment, but by the lawfull Judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land: Contrary to all which, I was committed at meer Will and Pleasure, and have been detained close Prisoner these two years, without any cause specified, or any particular crime laid to my charge.