The tryal of Sir Henry Vane, Kt. at the Kings Bench, Westminster, June the 2d. and 6th, 1662 together with what he intended to have spoken the day of his sentence (June 11) for arrest of judgment (had he not been interrupted and over-ruled by the court) and his bill of exceptions : with other occasional speeches, &c. : also his speech and prayer, &c. on the scaffold.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662, defendant., England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.

Concerning Friendship.

Perfect friendship is a very plain and universal complication or enfolding of two Soules in one, so, that the Conjunction is most in∣timate and inseparable. They can no more be divided; nor would they, if they might.

Page  125Secondly, It is very free, being built upon the pure choice and li∣berty of the Will, without any other obligation or forreign mo∣tive.

Thirdly, Without any exception of things, goods, honours, judgements, thoughts, wills, Life.

Marriage it self is some resemblance of this divine knot, as saith the Apostle, who from thence mounts in his contemplation to the great mysterie of this kind between Christ and his Church. Abra∣ham is called, the friend of God.