The tryal of Sir Henry Vane, Kt. at the Kings Bench, Westminster, June the 2d. and 6th, 1662 together with what he intended to have spoken the day of his sentence (June 11) for arrest of judgment (had he not been interrupted and over-ruled by the court) and his bill of exceptions : with other occasional speeches, &c. : also his speech and prayer, &c. on the scaffold.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662, defendant., England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.

The PETITION of both Houses of Parliament to the King's most excellent Majesty, on the behalf of Sir Henry Vane, and Col. John Lambert, after they left them uncapable of having any benefit of the Act of Indempnity.

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To the King's most Excellent Majesty. The humble Petition of the Lords and Commons assembled in PARLIAMENT.


THat Your Majesty having declared your gracious pleasure to pro∣ceed only against the immediate Murderers of your Royal Father: We your Majesties most humble Subjects, the Lords and Commons as∣sembled, not finding Sir Henry Vane nor Col. Lambert to be of that number,

Are humble Suiters to Your Majesty, that if they shall be At∣tainted, that Execution, as to their Lives, may be remitted;

And as in duty bound, &c.

The said Petition being read, it was agreed to, and ordered to be presented to his Majesty by the Lord Chancellor.

The Lord Chancellor reported, That he had presented the Petition of both Houses, to the King's Majesty, concerning Sir Henry Vane and Col. Lambert, and his Majesty grants the Desires in the said Pe∣tition.

John Browne, Cler. Parliamentorum.