A sober whisper, concerning the evil of things present, and the good of things to come. By Tho. Narjenn
Tanner, Thomas, 1630-1682, attributed name.
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A Sober Whisper, CONCERNING The EVIL of Things present, AND The GOOD of Things to come.


LONDON, Printed in the Year, 1665.

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A Sober VVhisper, &c.

FLy misty Fogs, black clouds that dark the Skies, *
The Day doth dawn, the Sun begins to rise:
Dark Ignorance, avaunt, that hides the way,
The Path is now discern'd by th'light o'th' Day.
No longer groveling pore, look up and see,
Your KING approacheth in his Majestie. *
Fear not to yeeld obedience, nor fall down
Before th' undoubted Heir to the Crown:
He's no Usurper, hates all Tyranny,
To bring him home, he needs no Treachery.
H' hath sent his Declaration to us all,
With's Privy Signet sign'd. A Council call
Ye Nations, accept th' Indempnity,
Offer'd by him, who's Truth and cannot lye. *
His gracious Act of Pardon he will seal,
To heal the Breaches of his Commonweal:
No Bishops, Priests, nor yet a Parliament,
His Act once past, in it can make a rent.
No corrupt Lawyer shall once find a flaw
Or querk in our King's plain and equal Law. *
Nor dare the Iudges their trust falsify,
One Subject to deprive of 's Liberty,
Or his Estate: assure your selves no crime
'Gainst him committed to this very time,
Shall ever rise in Judgment: nor your name *
(Though once a Rebel) stained for the same.
Our King can do no wrong; his righteous Law
Ever endures: fear not, but stand in awe,
Ye blessed Subjects, wait for him, and pray, *
That for your sakes he shorten may the day
Of his all-glorious Coming. He'l affright
The wicked world, whilst his Saints with delight *
Page  4 And joys unspeakable will sweetly sing,
With Hallelujahs to their Heav'nly King. *
Unto his People he brings all content,
There shall be no end of his Government.
No Pantaloons, nor a debauched fry *
Of hellish scum attends his Majesty,
But thousands of his Saints all cloath'd in white,
The Wicked to subdue, and free th' Upright *
From all their burdens, and to give them ease
From their Oppressors: Blessed Prince of Peace,
Our Father Everlasting, Mighty God,
In Counsel Wonderful: His heavy Rod *
His Enemies implacable shall feel,
At his most glorious Presence they shall reel. *
The Crew of Maypolizers in those dayes
Dare not appear the Whorish Pole to raise
Of wicked Flora; nor no frisking Whores,
Nor cap'ring Rogues shall dare peep out of doors: *
No roguing Fidlers, nor base dancing Crew,
Swearers, Health-drinkers, who're the Devils due,
Shall their ungodly Meetings more enjoy,
Nor power have the Godly to anoy. *
Fly, Fly, ye black-mouth'd, hellish, dammee crew,
Your day is lost, Vengeance o'retaketh you:
Implore the Rocks for shelter, the Hills try,
And Mountains of your lying vanity.
Seek, seek for help, but (alas!) all in vain,
Your brags and vapours shall encrease your pain:
Your pain and torment never shall have end,
Now know what 'tis with Heav'ns King to contend.
Know what it is his Saints to crucifie,
He takes it as done to his Majestie.
But you his Subjects who have loyal bin,
In patience waiting for his coming-in:
Bid sorrows fly, all tears wipe from your eyes,
Traitors and Rebels never more shall rise *
To persecute or grieve you, for you shall
For ever be Kings, Priests, and Prophets all.
Page  5 Prepare to meet him, and your selves array *
With rayments sutable for such a day;
No gaudy garbs, nor with fantastick stuff, *
Trim not your selves with Periwig and Muff.
No Antick garments see that you put on,
Shun all the wares of cursed Babylon.
Our King hath long ago decreed what shall
Be the fair Liv'ry of his Subjects all.
Put on the whole Armour of God, and then: *
You may withstand Devils and devilish men:
The Girdle of Truth it is a comely dress, *
The Breastplate then put on of Righteousness:
Your feet being shod with the preparation*
Of Gospel-peace, then fear you no temptation.
'Bove all, defend your selves with Faiths bright shield,*
The wickeds darts shall never make you yeed:
Put on the Helmet of Salvation,*
Which is Gods Word, and you may venture on
'Gainst worldly Governours, dark Princes too, *
The force of Flesh or Hell can't you undoe.
This habit to your Prince will testifie
Your true Obedience, and firm Loyalty.
Rich Royal Robes on you he will bestow, *
You and the rest shall make a glorious show,
With Tryumph make the holy City ring *
With Hallelujahs to your heav'nly King.
Wait patiently, think not his stay too long,
Though in the mean time you do suffer wrong,
Hee'l you require; great Priviledges grant;
Inviolably he'l keep his Covenant.
No malice lodgeth in his Royal Brest,
Butchrous revenge both he and his detest:
His Subjects bodies he will not enslave,
And he in mercy all mens souls would save;
But such as are implacable must fall,
With Gold or Iron Scepter hee'l rule all,
And all with equal Justice. Perjury
Shall injure none, when he his Foes doth try;
Page  6 No pickt corrupted Iury-men shall stain *
Their consciences, a Verdict to obtain
'Gainst any: Nor shall a corrupt Iudge be,
To impose a Fine, if they will not agree.
For righteous are his Wayes; his Judgments right,
Innocent Blood is precious in his fight. *
Hee's not attended with a Ruffian Crew,
Who serves for nought but wast his Revenue:
No Whoremongers, nor filthy drunken Swine,
Whom nothing pleases but lewd Whores and Wine; *
No prophane wicked dammee Pantaloon
In our King's glorious Court shall find a room:
Holy Attendants, blest in ev'ry thing,
With Hallelujahs serve our heav'nly King. *
No Taxes to maintain his luxury,
'Gainst heavy burdens people need not cry; *
Nor Custom, nor Excise shall be their yoke,
Nor shall they suffer cause their Chimnies smoke.
For he will judge the Poor, the Needy save,
On their Oppressors he'l no mercy have. *
No Laws of Antichrist under this Pow'r
Shall be in force, the Godly to devour.
No lewd Confederates in Parliament
Shall dare to pass an Act for Banishment
Of Conscientious men. For ever blest
IESUS our King shall give his People rest. *
The Mountains shall with Peace the people bless;
The little Hills shall flow with Righteousness:
Whilst Sun and Moon endure, the people shall,
In holy fear of him, be prosprous all. *
He shall like rain on grass, on them distill
Refreshing showres of his holy Will. *
Dominion he shall have from Sea to Sea, *
The utmost parts o'th' Earth shall him obey:
Kings must obey, their stately Crowns must fall
'Fore him, who's King of kings, and Lord of all. *
All hail, great King, blest be thy holy Name, *
Let the whole Earth be filled the same:
Page  7 His Anger to prevent, Kiss ye the Son; *
Let th' Common pray'r be, Thy Kingdom come.
Ye blessed Saints rejoice, the time is near,
Transcendant Glory, 'mongst you shall appear:
The Stone hath smote the Image on his feet, *
Ye blessed Saints with joy each other greet;
The Clay and Iron now disjointed be, *
The fall is near of the fourth Monarchie:
The Rule's divided amongst many Kings,
In whose days shall be seen most glorious things,
VVhich were foreseen of holy men of old,
And by God's Prophets were to us fore-told.
The God of Heav'n a Kingdom erect shall,
VVhich cannot be destroyed, but to all
Ages to last: inherit it none can,
IESUS alone must rule, not mortal man.
It shall in pieces batter and lay wast
All other Kingdoms, and for ever last.
Before our King's arrival, Saints shall sway,
The Scepter, and the wicked world obey. *
Down must the Horns o'th' Beast, ye Kings o'th Earth,
VVho from the cruel Beast have had your birth,
And he his pow'r received from the Devil,
The Dragon, who's the author of all Evil,
VVho being from Heav'n cast, and full of ire *
Against the Saints, hath kindled a fire
Of Persecution; and Authority
He gave unto the beastly Monarchy.
His head adorn'd he hath with Blasphemies *
Against God's Name, and fills the world with lies
Against his People, Church: his Leopards skin
Clearly informs us he's the Man of Sin:*
He gave him feet, like to a fierce Bears claws,
To execute the Dragon's sinful Laws:
A Lion's mouth, God's People to devour:
Thus from the Devil had the Beast his pow'r.
Ye Earthly Potentates behold and see
Your Coats of Arms! here is your Pedigree.
Page  8 Here likewise may be seen your destiny,
If you have led into captivity
God's holy Sa••ts, be sure in the same state *
You shall be led, this is your certain fate:
If any you have killed by the Sword,
You shall be served so, so saith God's Word.
Here is the Faith and Patience of the Saints,
God in due time will surely hear their plaints.
He once receiv'd almost a deadly wound *
On one of his heads, some peace then was found
Among the Nations, and God's People all
With joy expected for to see his fall.
But now that's healed which was rent in sunder,
The worldly people follow him with wonder;
With joy they worship Beast and Dragon too,
Bragging, what power can the Beast undoe? *
But from the Earth another Beast did rise, *
Horn'd like a Lamb: his mouth speaks blasphemies,
The Dragon like; pretended to reform,
Made th' Image of the Beast, call'd it a Form*
Of Worship, Prayers, or the Lyturgie,
Commanded all to it to bow the knee:
If to this Image you will not down fall,
Be it enacted, you are Traitors all.*
All sorts and sexes hearken to th' Command,
You must be mark'd i'th forehead, or i'th hand;*
That is, conform, or else you must not trade,
The Beastly Priest swears such a Law is made,
And all must it obey: Let ev'ry soul
Be subject to the Powr's, who dare controul
The Dragon, Beast, the beastly Scarlet Whore?
If any dare, they perish shall therefore.
But must this Serpents broad for every sway?
Full fain they would, but God himself saith nay.
The Government o'th' Saints now draweth near, *
Read ye the Prophets, they are full and clear,
This devilish crew must stoop, and them obey,
Before King IESUS will the Scepter sway.
Page  9 The Mountain of God's House exalt he will *
O'th top o'th Mountains, above every Hill;
All Tongues and Nations that are here below
Unto God's holy Church for Truth shall flow:
And he himself will teach them all his Wayes, *
And how to tread in his Paths to his praise:
From Sion shall the Law go forth to them,
God's holy Word too from Ierusalem.
Then they shall judge the People all in right, *
Rebuke their Enemies: learn not to fight,
But into Plowshares beat the warlike Sword,
Your Spears to Pruning-hooks; for why the Word
Of great IEHOVAH shall your Enemies
So quail, that they shall never 'gainst you rise.
Proud man's high looks by him shall humbled be, *
The lofty mind hee'l place in low degree.
Lebanons Cedars that are high and tall,
And Bashans Oaks the Lord will level all:
Idols and Idol-priests he will destroy, *
Look up on high ye Saints, and sing for joy.
Howl ye Malignants, fly, your selves to hide,
The presence of our King you cann't abide.
Haste to the Rocks and fly into dark Caves *
Of your beloved Earth: tremble ye slaves
Of Satan, fore his glorious Majesty,
Who is now come all people for to try.
What you've devoted to Idolatry, *
To th' Moles and Bats throw all, as vanity.
Let Priests and Tyrants too retire with shame,
To th' loathsom lake of Hell, from whence they came. *
What mean ye Tyrants God's Laws to contemn?
What mean you thus his People to condemn,
Though innocent? Whatever you intend,
God hath decreed to make an utter end *
Of all his and his Peoples Enemies,
The second time Affliction shall not rise.
Whilst you as sharp thorns with each others twist, *
And think to tyrannize ev'n as you lift:
Page  10 Whilst Drunkards like, ye drunken are with blood,
With your confederates hope t' encrese the flood
Of Persecution, and to tyrannize
Yet more and more; hear what God doth devise:
Like Stubble fully dry, his mighty Power
Shall kindle you, with Fire you devour
Although you many be, and live at ease, *
Though you full Pleasures have, and are in peace.
Ye Counsellors of Belial that do plot:
Mischeif against the Lord, you're not forgot,
God will pass through, and oversee you all,
And in a moment great shall be your fall.
But to his People that to him do pray,
With yearning Bowels kindly he will say,
Though I have you afflicted heretofore,
I'le turn my hand and you afflict no more.
And I will break the Yoke that you oppress,
In sunder burst the Bands of your distress. *
Then God's Command to his foes shall be known,
No more of their name 'mongst you shall be sown. *
The Bastards brood hee'l root out of the Land,
His People they shall never more withstand.
The filthy Idols Temples he will race,
Molten and Graven Image with disgrace
He will turn out; and condemn to the Grave
The Vile and Swinish Priests that you enslave.
Over the Mountains look, behold and see! *
How beautiful the Messengers feet be
That in this dismal day glad Tidings bring,
And publish't have the Raign of Sions King. *
Ye poysonous Dragons brood, away, fly, fly,
This news your very souls will terifie:
Run, run, but all in vain, you're all cut off
By them who were the objects of your scoff*
And laughter, whom in your prosperous dayes
You did reproach, and Persecution raise
Them to destroy, and made them all your prey, *
Unless they would walk in your dirty way.
Page  11 Open your eyes, blind People, now and see
Who's in the right, who the Phanaticks be,
Who are the Rebels, Traytors, Hereticks;
Now you may see such terms were but the tricks *
O' th' cunning Dragon, People to delude
To brand God's holy Saints, the multitude
Against them to provoke: The Magpy Priest*
He is the Agent of this ugly Beast:
And he perswades you by his Masters wit,
That to oppress God's People 's very fit.
For what he saith he will pretend a Reason,
And prove them to be guilty of high Treason,
Because they'l not obey the King (saith he) *
Nor yet serve God, What greater Crime can be?
If you're so stubborn that this will not do,
Then he will prove the point by Scripture too.
That the three Children were damnd to the fire,
'Cause they withstood their Sovereigns desire,
They would not him obey, nor serve his god,
Who can suppose but they must feel his rod?
Within his fiery Furnace they must burn,
'Cause from their Heresie they will not turn.
Phanatick Daniel too, hee'l not obey,
But pray he will, though's gracious King saith nay:
Then take him Lion, him in peices tear;
For in those dayes no Bishops Courts there were:
Nor yet had Parliaments come to so high.
A pitch (as now they have) of Policy
To Banish them into some unknown Land,
Because they'd not obey their Kings Command.
Many such places with these do agree,
To plead compelling to conformitie;
If this will not Phanaticks satisfie,
The Priests can say no more, no more can I.
Ye Babylonish Panders cease your joy,
The Lord, the Whore (your Mistriss) will destroy. *
The Horns o'th Beast, Kings, shall the Strumpet hate,
Present her naked, make her desolate;
Page  12 God in their hearts shall kindle such an ire
'Gainst her, to eat her flesh, burn her with fire.
Wait for God's powerful Angel; ye Upright,
The Earth from's Glory 'gins to receive light. *
Hear, hear! his Voice proclaims destruction
Unto the great and mighty Babylon,*
Its fallen, fallen, and in ev'ry Nation,
Of Devils is become the habitation;
A hold of loathsome spirits, and a cage
Of filthy hateful Birds in every Age.
All Kingdoms (since her reign) and every Nation, *
Have drunk her wrathful Wine of Fornication:
Kings of the Earth have eas'ly been drawn in
VVith this lewd Whore, to act that beastly sin:
The earthly Merchants too have made a prize
By the abundance of her Merchandize.
Your Faces from her turn, heark to the call
Of God from Heaven to his People all:
Come out of her, partake not of her crimes;
Delay not, it relates to th' present times. *
If of her sins you'l venture to partake,
Share you must in her plagues; your soul's at stake.
Her sins, ev'n unto Heav'n, do loudly cry,
And God remembreth her Iniquity. *
Happy, thrice happy Sons o'th' Separation,
'Tis you shall see, yea, work her desolation,
'Tis you must her requite, and her reward,
To her and to her Brats have no regard; *
Heav'ns vengeance execute, Give her her due,
Repay her double what she did to you:
Fill up the Cup of her Affliction,
And give it her, yea, give her two for one.
Survey her Glory and delightful sport, *
So much of grief and torment give her for't.
Now in her heart she saith, She sits a Queen,
No Widows sorrow on her shall be seen,
Yet in one day her plagues shall her undoe,
Pale Death, sad Mourning, pining Famine too.*
Page  13 With Fire she shall quite destroyed he,
For the Lord God is Iudge, and strong is he.
Ye Earthly Kings what signifies your pow'r,
See what our King can do ev'n in one hour;
See what's become of your beloved Whore,
VVith whom you've sinn'd, and perish must therefore.
Howl, howl, bewail, lament with her, alas! *
VVith smoke and burning she away must pass.
Ye Earthly whorish Merchants that have sold *
Mens souls and bodies; your beloved Gold,
Fine Linen, Purple, Silk and Scarlet too,
Both Pearls and Precious Stones, all will not doe;
None, none of these can save her from the hand
Of Great Iehovah, none can him withstand:
Your Trade must fail, your costly VVares and all,
All that belongs to her with her must fall.
VVeep, weep, and mourn all who on her depend,
Your Riches and your Glory hath an end.
Rejoyce and sing for joy ye Saints on high, *
Sound praise ye Heav'ns to God's Majestie,
Holy Apostles, and blest Prophets too,
Praise ye the Lord, God hath avenged you.
Prophets, Apostles, and the Martyrs blood,*
And all the slain that ever her withstood,
Is found in her. O bloody drunken VVhore!
Thy full destruction's come even to the door. *
Rouze; rouze, good People, why are you so dull?
The Heav'ns, the Earth, of symptoms clear, are full;
The work goes on, the Wheel moves in the Wheel,
God's Word and Works do stir you, cann't you feel?
Where is your Faith? ope but one faithful eye,
And you will see our King's approach is nigh:
How like a Queen doth sit the Scarlet VVhore? *
Secure she is, no sorrow knows; therefore
One hour shall compleat her misery; *
Out of your Ceiled houses, your Tents fly,
Shake off your slavish fears, your worldly pelf
Slight as the stinking dung, away with self,
Page  14 Away with self-concernments, do not pause, *
Be not lukewarm in God's most holy Cause.
Why are you faint? what's become of your might?
God will encrease your strength if you are right.
Let th' Wicked faint, th' Ungodly weary be,
And let th' untamed Youth fall utterlie.
Let lustful Dammums, that are Frenchifi'd,*
Faint, and be shook in pieces, when they're try'd.
But they that wait upon God's holy Will,
He will renew their strength, and teach them skill, *
To mount on high, as with an Eagles wings,
They shall with ease perform the hardest things:
They shall not weary be, although they run;
Walk, and not faint: what God wills, shall be done.
Keep silence, O ye Islands, 'fore the Lord;
Heark what the Lord doth say; peace, not a word! *
Let his choice People now their strength renew,
It must be so, he hath said, and 'tis true.
Ye Wolvish Priests, cease roaring, silence keep,
Fly to your dens, leave worrying the Sheep:
Be silent, roaring Lions, Bulls and Beats,
The time draws near we shall be freed from fears:
Pray hold your swearing, for it is decreed,
God's People from your fury shall be freed.
You are resolv'd to ruine, banish, kill
The Innocent, your own lusts to fulfill, *
The righteous God your wrath so order shall,
That it shall wound your selves, and work your fall.
That God who rais'd the Righteous, to's foot brings, *
Subjects unto them Nations and Kings,
Makes them like dust before his Sword to fly,
Drives them before his Bow, like stubble dry:
That God will plead his Peoples cause, their wrong
He will avenge, and you shall see't ere long. *
Though mean and low ev'n as a worm they be,
The Holy One of Israel is he,
Their blest Redeemer, he shall them uprear,
To thresh the Mountains, and the Hills to tear, *
Page  15 Until like dust and chaff they fly away, *
Ye wicked ones expect this dreadful day.
Zion, put on thy strength, awake, awake, *
Ierusalem thy costly Garments take,
From henceforth into thee shall come no more,
Th' uncircumcised children of the Whore.
Arise, and shake thy self, in purity *
Sit down, O Zion, thy Captivity
For ever fly: though thou wert sold for nought, *
Without money, thy Freedom God hath bought.
Prepare to meet thy holy heav'nly King, *
Who of all Grace and Mercy is the Spring:
Behold he quickly comes to th' sons of men;
Ev'n so, Lord IESUS come, Amen, Amen.*
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