The remaining discourses, on the attributes of God Viz. his Goodness. His mercy. His patience. His long-suffering. His power. His spirituality. His immensity. His eternity. His incomprehensibleness. God the first cause, and last end. By the most reverend Dr. John Tillotson, late Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. Being the seventh volume; published from the originals, by Ralph Barker, D.D. chaplain to his Grace.
Tillotson, John, 1630-1694., Barker, Ralph, 1648-1708, publisher.
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THE Sermons concerning the Divine Attributes, contain∣ed in this, and the former Volume, having not been transcrib'd, and consequently not printed, in the Order in which they were preach'd, and there being also two other Ser∣mons publish'd by the most Reverend Author himself, relating to the Divine Being; It may not be unacceptable to the Rea∣der, to present him with a Scheme of the Order in which they seem to have been design'd; viz.

  • 1 Serm. Concerning the Existence of God, or the Unreasona∣bleness of Atheism. Job 28.28.
  • 1 Serm. Concerning the Unity of the Divine Nature, and the B. Trinity. 1 Tim. 2.15.
  • These two publish'd by the Author.

These following from the Originals, by Dr. Barker.
The Perfection of God. 2 Serm. Matth. 5.48.6
The Happiness of God. 1 Serm. 1 Tim. 1.11.667
The Unchangeableness of God. 1 Serm. Jam. 1.17.697
The Spirituality of the Divine Nature. 1 Serm. John 4.24.7299
The Immensity of the Divine Nature. 1 Serm. Ps. 139.7, 8, 9, 10.7331
The Eternity of God. 1 Serm. Ps. 90.2.7355
Page  [unnumbered]The Knowledge of God. 2 Serm. 1 Sam. 2.3.6121
The Wisdom of God. 1 Serm.*Jude 25.6187
The Wisdom of God in the Creation. 1 Serm. Ps. 104.24.6219
The Wisdom of God in his Providence. 1 Serm. 1 Pet. 5.7.6243
The Wisdom of God in the Redemption of Mankind. 1 Serm. 1 Cor. 1.24.6275
The Justice of God, in the distribution of Rewards and Punishments. 1 Serm. Gen. 18.25.6305
The Truth of God. 1 Serm. Deut. 32.4.6337
The Holiness of God. 1 Serm. 1 Pet..16.6369
The Goodness of God. 4 Serm. Ps. 145.9.71
The Mercy of God. 1 Serm. Numb. 14.18.7105
The Patience of God. 2 Serm. 2 Pet. 3.9.7143
The Long-Suffering of God. 2 Serm. Eccl. 8.11.7193
The Power of God. 1 Serm. Psal. 62.11.7265
The Incomprehensibleness of God. 1 Serm. Job 11.7.7377
God the first Cause, and last End. 1 Serm. Rom. 11.36.7403

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