The discovery of witchcraft proving that the compacts and contracts of witches with devils and all infernal spirits or familiars are but erroneous novelties and imaginary conceptions : also discovering, how far their power extendeth in killing, tormenting, consuming, or curing the bodies of men, women, children, or animals by charms, philtres, periapts, pentacles, curses, and conjurations : wherein likewise the unchristian practices and inhumane dealings of searchers and witch-tryers upon aged, melancholly, and superstitious people, in extorting confessions by terrors and tortures, and in devising false marks and symptoms, are notably detected ... : in sixteen books
Scot, Reginald, 1538?-1599., Scot, Reginald, 1538?-1599. Discourse concerning the nature and substance of devils and spirits.


A form of Conjuring Luridan the Familiar, otherwise called Belelah.

*LVridan is a Familiar Domestick Spirit of the North, who is now become servant to Balkin, Lord and King of the Northern Mountains, he calls himself the Astral Genius of Pomonia, an Island amongst the Orcades be∣yond Scotland. But he is not particularly resident there; for in the dayes of Solomon and David, he was in Jerusalem, or Salem, being then under the name of Belilah; after that he came over with Julius Caesar, and remained some hun∣dred of years in Cambria, or Wales, instructing their Prophetical Poets in Bri∣tish Rhimes, being then surnamed Urthin-Wadd Elgin, from thence he betook himself unto this Island, Anno 1500. and continued there for 50 years, after which he resigned his Dominion to Balkin, and hath continued ever since an at∣tendant unto this Prince.

*He is a Spirit of the Air in the order of Glauron, and is said to procreate as mortals do; He is often sent by his Master upon errands to Lapland, Fin∣land, and Strik-finia; as also to the most Northern parts of Russia, bordering on the Northern frozen Ocean: His office (being called by Magicians) is to de∣molish strong holds of Enemies, destroying every night what they build the day before; to extinguish fires, and make their Gunshot that it hath no power to be enkindled; for his nature is to be at enmity with fire: and under his Master with many Legions he wageth continual warrs with the fiery Spirits that inhabit the Mountain Hecla in Ise-land, where they endeavour to extinguish these fiery flames, and the inhabiting Spirits defend the flames from his Master and his Legions.

Page  225In this contest they do often totally extirpate and destroy one ano∣ther,* killing and crushing when they meet in mighty and violent Troops in the Air upon the Sea; and at such a time many of the fiery Spirits are destroyed, when the Enemy hath brought them off the Mountain to fight upon the water; on the contrary, when the battle is on the Mountain it self, the Spirits of the Air are often worsted, and then great mournings and doleful noises are heard both in Iseland and Russia, and Norway for many days after.

But to proceed to the form of conjuring this aforesaid Spirits,* the Magi∣cian must draw a Circle in a Moonshine night in some solitary Valley; the Circle must be 18 foot over, and another Circle a foot distance within the same, being both drawn with chalk, and the Exorcist being girded about with two Snakes skins tyed together, and having many Snakes skins tyed to his cap, and hanging down before and behinde, must also with Chalk draw the form of a fiery Mountain at one side of the Circle on this manner;

And round about the Mountain these following names must be wrote, Glau∣ron, Opotok, Balkin, Opotok, Vrthin, Opotok, Swaknar, Nalah, Opotok,* ✚ ✚ ✚. After the Mountain is drawn, he must consecrate the same in these following words, Ofron, Anephexaton, Baron Barathron, Nah halge tour heela, In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen. ✚ ✚ ✚. After the Magician hath consecrated the Mountain, he must write betwixt the circles these following words; Vrthin ✚ Malc hii ✚ ✚ Kiddal Kattton ✚ Agla ✚ Glaura ✚ Bashemo ✚ Yhowah ✚ Elohim ✚ ImmannelAmen. {fire} ✚ {fire} ✚ {fire} ✚. Which done, he must begin to Invocate the Spirit on this following manner.

O ye Powers of the East, Athanaton; of the West, Orgon; of the South,*Bora∣lim; of the North, Glauron; I charge and command you by the dreadful Names here mentioned, and the Consecration of this terrible Mountain, to present your selves one of every sort before this Circle by the power of Immanuel, and his holy Name. After this hath with fervency been thrice repeated, the Exorcist will hear great noises of Swords and fighting, Horses neighing,* and Trumpets sounding, and at last there will appear four little Dwarfs or Pigmies naked be∣fore the Circle, their speech will be antient Irish; which afterwards being confined to a Triangle, they will interpret; the substance thereof will be from whence they came last, and what wonderful things they can do; Then the Ma∣gician must ask them, if they know one Luridan a familiar; they will answer Page  226Hamah ni trulloh Balkin, he is Secretary or servant unto Balkin, and af∣ter the Exorcist hath charged them to bring the said Luridan unto him,* they will immediately bring him like a little Dwarf with a crooked nose, and pre∣sent him before the Magician in the triangle; then the Magician shall bind and tye him with the bond of obligation, and with his own blood, without any contract of conditions to be performed, that he will attend him con∣stantly at his thrice repeating Luridan, Luridan, Luridan, And be ever ready to go whether he will, to the Turks, or to the uttermost parts of the Earth, which he can do in an hour, and destroy all their Magazines.

*After the Magician hath so bound him, he shall receive from the Spirit a scrole written in this manner;

〈12 letters〉
which is the Indenture to serve him for a year and a day; and then the Ma∣gician shall dismiss him for that time in the form of dismission.