A view of the soul, in several tracts ... by a person of quality.
Saunders, Richard, 1613-1675., Saunders, Richard, 1613-1675. Several epistles to the Reverend Dr. Tillotson.
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A VIEW OF THE SOUL, IN SEVERAL TRACTS. The First, being a DISCOURSE of the Nature and Faculties, the Effects and Operations, the Immortality and Happiness of the SOUL of MAN. The Second, a CORDIAL against Sorrow, or a TREATISE against Immoderate Care for a Man's own POSTERITY, and Grief for the Loss of CHILDREN. The Third consists of several EPISTLES to the Reverend Iohn Tillotson, D. D. and Dean of Canterbury, tending to the further Illustration of the former Arguments concerning the SOUL of MAN, and the proof of a particular PROVIDENCE over it.

By a Person of Quality.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made,

Psalm 139.14.
In the multitude of the sorrows that I had in my heart, thy comforts have refreshed my soul,

Psalm 94.19.

LONDON, Printed for George Downes, at the Three Flower de Luces in Fleet-street, over against St. Dunstan's Church. MDCLXXXII.