A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles from his cradle to his grave collected and written by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676.

For the Speaker of the House of Peers pro tempore.

To which the Parliament return Answer; signed by the two Speakers,* and the Scotish Commissioners, in effect thus.

That they were sensible of the sad condition of the three King∣domes, occasioned by his Majesties separation from them; and that they will use all means possible, for procuring of a safe and well grounded peace, for the setling of his just and legal preroga∣tive, their undoubted priviledges, and the Subjects liberties.

That had his Majesties intentions been the same with his pretences and expressions, a happy peace had been setled long since.

That they cannot agree to his desires for coming of the Lords and Gentlemen, with their attendants and followers into their Quarters, in regard the design may be of dangerous consequence. But that to shew their earnest endeavours and intentions for peace, they were before his Majesties Letters sent in debate of propositi∣ons for peace, which they are ready to draw up, and finish with all expedition, to be signed by way of Bill by his Majesty.

Decemb. 10.