A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles from his cradle to his grave collected and written by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676.

Concerning the Militia.

After Conscience, this is certainly the fittest Subject for a Kings quarrel; for without it, the Kings Power is but a shadow; and there∣fore upon no means to be quitted, but to be maintained accord∣ing to the Ancient Lawes of the Land; Yet (because to attain to this so much wished Peace by all good men) It is in a manner necessary that sufficient and real security be given for performance of Agreement. I permit you therefore, either by leaving strong Towns or other Military Forces into their possession (until Articles be performed) to give such assurance for performance of Conditions as you shall judge necessary for to conclude a peace. Provided alwaies, that you take (at least) as great care by sufficient security, that Conditions be performed to me. And to make sure, that the Peace once setled, all things shall return into their Ancient Channels.