A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles from his cradle to his grave collected and written by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676.

Mr. Prinns Charge against the King, shewing,

That the Kings Design, Purpose, Resolution, his Endeavours, Practice, Conversation, have alwayes been engaged, byassed, tended, to settle, establish, confirm Popery, Tyranny, Slavery, in, among, over his Dominions, Subjects, People, and in or∣der to that Design, End, Purpose, he writ to the Pope of Rome, (stiling him His most Holy Father, Catholique Majesty, thrice honoured Lord and Father) engaging himself to the Page  1117 said Pope, to endeavour to settle the Popish Religion only in his Dominions;

And since his coming to the Crown, hath extended extraor∣dinary favours upon, protection of notorious Papists, Priests, Iesuites, against all prosecution of Laws enacted against them; notwithstanding all his Protestations to the contrary, hath rai∣sed up a most horrid, unnatural and bloudy War, arming his Ro∣man Catholique Subjects to Massacre, Plunder, Torture; Im∣prison, Ruine his Loyal, Faithful, pious Protestant Subjects, to burn, sack, spoil their Cities, Towns, Villages; collected from the Books written,