A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles from his cradle to his grave collected and written by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676.

The Propositions in general are these.

1. That his Majesty would pass an Act for the Nulling of all Oaths, Declarations, and Proclamations against the Parliament of England of Scotland, their Ordinances or their Adherents.

2. The King to swear and sign the Covenant, and an Act for the three Kingdoms to swear unto.

3. An Act to take away Bishops and their Dependents.

4. To confirm by Act the Assembly of Divines at Westminster.

5. To settle Religion as the Parliament shall agree.

6. In unity and uniformity with Scotland, as shall be agreed upon by both Parliaments.

7. An Act to be confirmed against Papists.

8. Their Childen to be educated in the Protestant Religion.

9. And for Levies against their Estates.

10. Against saying of Mass in this Kingdom.

11. And in Scotland, (if they think fit.)

12. For observation of the Lords Day, against Pluralities, Non∣Residents, and for Regulating the Universities.

Page  91713. That the Militia of England, Ireland, and Wales, by Sea and Land be in the hands of the Parliament for twenty years, and the like for Scotland, and to raise Moneys for the same, and to suppress all Forces raised in that time without their authority, against all foreign Invasi∣on. Provided that the City of London may enjoy their Privileges to raise and imploy their Forces as formerly.

14. That all Honours and Titles conferred on any since the Great Seal was conveyed from the Parliament May 21. 1642. be made null, and that those that shall be hereafter made Peers by the King shall not sit in Parliament without consent of both Houses.

15. That an Act be passed to confirm all the Treaties between Eng∣land and Scotland, and a Committee of both Houses to be nominated Conservators of the Peace between both Kingdoms.

16. An Act for establishing the Declaration of both Kingdoms of the thirtieth of January, 1643. with the qualifications as follow.