A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles from his cradle to his grave collected and written by William Sanderson, Esq.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676.
Page  859

The Lord Digby's Letter inclosed.

May it please your Grace,

I give you many thanks for your obliging Letter by Mr. Moor,* I have likewise sent yours to the Marquess of Ormond, and I am glad to finde there that you do nott ake the Allarm at my Lord Glamorgan's Commitment so hot, as upon it to despair of the Relief of Chester, which though it hath been somewhat retarded by it, yet I make little que∣stion now but it will go on speedily and effectually; and of this I desire you to certifie my Lord Byron.

Dublin, Jan. 21. 1645.

Your Graces, &c. G. Digby.

And then to discipher the Mystery, this of the Earl of Glamor∣gan's to the King was read also in the House.