The way of God with his people in these nations opened in a thanksgiving sermon, preached on the 5th of November, 1656, before the Right Honorable the High Court of Parliament
Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672.
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Books printed by Peter Cole, Printer, and Book-seller in Cornhil, at the Printing-press.

    Several New books of Mr. Thomas Hooker, made in New-England. And Attested in an Epistle by Mr. Thomas Goodwin, and Mr. Philip Nye, To be written with the Authors Own hand: None being written by him∣self before. One Volum being a Comment upon Christ's last Prayer in the Seventeenth of Iohn: wherein is opened, The Union beleevers have with God and Christ, and the glorious Priviledges thereof. Besides many o∣ther Gospel Truths, there is also shewed.
  • 1 That the end why the Saints receive al glorious Grace, is, That they may be one, as the Father and Christ are one.
  • 2 That God the Father loveth the Faithful, as he loveth Iesus Christ.
  • 3 That our Savior desireth to have the Faithful in Heaven with himself.
  • 4 That the happiness of our being in Heaven, is to see Christs Glory.
  • 5 That there is much wanting in the knowledg of Gods Love, in the most able Saints.
  • 6 That the Lord Christ lends dayly direction, according to the dayly need of his Servants.
  • 7 That it is the desire, and endeavor of our Savior, that the dearest of Gods Love, which was bestowed on himself, should be given to his faith∣ful Servants.
  • 8 That our Vnion, and Communion with God in Christ, is the top of our happiness in Heaven.
    The first eight Books: of the Ap∣plication of Redemption, By the ef∣fetual Work of the Word, and Spirit of Christ for the bringing home of lost Sinners to God. In which (be∣sides many other seasonable, and Soul-searching Truths) there is also largely shewed.
  • 1 Christ hath purchased al spiritual good for HIS.
  • 2 Christ puts al HIS into possession of al that good that he hath purchased.
  • 3 The Soul must be fitted for Christ be∣fore is can receive him: And a po∣werful Ministry is the ordinary means to prepare the heart for Christ.
  • 4 The work of God is free: And the day of Salvation, is whil this Life last, and the Gospel continue.
  • 5 God cals his Elect at any Age, but the most before old Age.
  • 6 The Soul is naturally setled in a sin∣ful security.
  • 7 The heart of a Natural man it wholly unwilling to submit, to the word that would sever him from his sins.
  • 8 God the Father by a holy kind of violence, plucks His out of their corruptions, and draws them to be∣leeve in Christ.
    The Ninth and Tenth Books of the Application of Redemption by the Effectual Work of the Word, and spi∣rit of Christ, for the bringing home of lost sinners to God. Besides many other seasonable, and Soul-searching Truths, there is also largely shewed.
  • 1 The heart must be humble and con∣trite before the Lord wil dwel in it.
  • 2 Stubborn, and bloody sinners may be made broken-hearted.
  • Page  [unnumbered]3 There must be true sight of sin, ∣fore the heart for the work can be broken for it.
  • 4 Application of special sins by the Ministry, is a means to bring men to sight of, and sorrow for them.
  • 5 Meditation of sin, a special means to break the heart.
  • 6 The same word is profitable to some, not to another.
  • 7 The Lord somtimes makes the word prevaile most, when its most op∣posed.
  • 8 Sins unrepented of, makes way for piercing Terrors.
  • 9 The Truth terible to a guilty consci∣ente.
  • 10 Gross and scandallous sinners, God usually exerciseth with heavy brea∣kings of heart, before they be brought to Christ.
  • 11 Sorrow for sin rightly set on, pierc∣eth the heart of the sinner throughly.
  • 12 They whose hearts are pierced by the Word, are carried with love and respect to the Ministers of it: And are busie to enquire, and ready to submit to the mind of God.
  • 13 Sinners in distress of conscience, are ignorant what they should do.
  • 14 A contrite sinner sees a necessity of coming out of his sinful condition.
  • 15 There is a secret hope wherewith the Lord supports the hearts of con∣trite sinners.
  • 16 They who are truly pierced for their sins, do prise and cover deli∣verance from their sins.
  • 17 True contrition is accompanied with confession of sin, when God cals thereunto.
  • 18 The Soul that is pierced for sin, is carried with a restless dislike against it
    Twenty one several Books of Mr. Wil∣liam Bridge, Collected into two Volumus. Viz.
  • 1 Scripture Light the most sure Light; compared with, 1. Revelations & Visi∣ons 2. Natural & Supernatual Dreams. 3 Impressions with, and without Word 4. Light and Law within. 5. Di∣vine Providence. 6. Christian Experi∣ence. 7. Humane Reason. 8. Judicial Astrology. Delivered in Sermons, on 2 Pet. 1. 19.
  • 2 Christ in Travel: Wherein, 1. The Travel of his soul. 2. The first and after effects of his Death, 3. His Assu∣rance of Issue. 4. And his satisfaction therein: Are opened and cleered in Ser∣mons, on Isa, 53 11.
  • 3 A Lifting up for the Cast-down, in case of, 1. Great sin. 2. Weakness of Grace. 3. Miscarriage of Duties. 4. Want of Assurance, 5. Affliction. 6. Temptation. 7. Dissertion. 8. Un∣serviceableness. 9, Discouragements from the Condition it self. Delivered in thirteen Sermons, on Psalm, 42. 11. His Four Sermons concerning,
  • 4 Sin against the Holy Ghost.
  • 5 Sins of Infirmitie.
  • 6 The false Apostle tried and disco∣vered
  • 7 The good and means of Establish∣ment
  • 8 The great things Faith can do.
  • 9 The great things Faith can suffer.
  • 10 The Great Gospel Mystery of the Saints Comfort and Holiness, opened and applied from Christs Priestly Office.
  • 11 Satans power to Tempt, and Christs Love to, and Care of his People under Temptaton
  • 12 Thankfulness required in every Condition.
  • Page  [unnumbered]13 Grace for Grace.
  • 14 The Spiritual Actings of Faith through Natural Impossibilities.
  • 15 Evangelical Repentance
  • 16 The Spiritual Life, &c.
  • 17 The Woman of Canaan.
  • 18 The Saints Hiding-place, &c.
  • 19 Christs Coming &c.
  • 20 A Vindication of Gospel Ordi∣nances
  • 21 Grace and Love beyond Gifts
    Twelve Books of Mr. Jeremiah Bur∣roughs lately published; also the Texts of Scripture upon which they are grounded.
  • 1 Gospel Reconciliation, Or Christs Trumpet of Peace to the World. Wherein is Opened Gods exceeding willingness to be Reconciled to Man; And Gods sending his Embassadors to that End. From. 2 Cor. 5 19, 20, 21.
  • 2 The Rare Jewel of Christian Con∣tentment, on Phil. 4. 11. Wherein is shewed, 1 What Contentment is. 2. It is an Holy art and Mystery. 3 The Ex∣cellencies of it. 4 The Evil of the con∣trary sin of Murmuring, and the Ag∣gravations of it.
  • 3 Gospel-Worship, on Levit. 10. 3. Wherein is shewed, 1 The right man∣ner of the Worship of God in General; And particularly, In hearing the Word, Receiving the Lords supper, & prayer.
  • 4 Gospel-Conversation, on Phil. 1 17 Wherein is shewed, 1 That the Conversations of Beleevers must be a∣bove what could be by the Light of Nature. 2 Beyond those that lived un∣der the Law. 3 And sutable to what Truths the Gospel holds forth. To which is added, The Misery of those Men that have their Portion in this Life only, on Psal. 17. 14.
  • 5 A Treatise of Earthly-minded∣ness; Wherein is shewed, 1 What Earth∣ly-mindedness is, 2. The great Evil thereof, on Phil. 3. part of the 19. verse. Also to the same Book is joyned, A Treatise of Heavenly-mindedness, and walking with God, on Gen. 5. 24. and on Phil. 3. 20.
  • 6 An Exposition on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Chapters of the Prophesie of Hosea.
  • 7 An Exposition on the eight, ninth, and tenth Chapters of Hosea.
  • 8 An Exposition on the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth Chapters of Hosea, being now compleat.
  • 9 The Evil of Evils, or the excee∣ding sinfulness of sin, on Job 16. 21.
  • 10 Precious Faith, on 2 Pet. 1. 1.
  • 11 Of Hope, on 1 John 3. 3.
  • 12 Of Walking by Faith, on 2 Cor. 5. 7.
    Two Books by Nich. Culpeper, Gent. Student in Physick and Astrologie.
  • I. The Practice of Physick, contai∣ning seventeen several Books. Wherein is plainly set fort, The Nature, Cause, Differences, and several sorts of Signs; Together with the Cure of al Diseases in the Body of Man. Being a Transla∣tion of the Works of that Learned and Renowned Doctor, Lazarus Riverius, now living; Councellor and Physitian to the present King of France. Above fifteen thousand of the said Books in Latin have been sold in a very few Yeers, having been eight times printed, though al the former Impressions wan∣ted the Nature, Causes, Signs, and Dif∣ferences of the Diseases, and had only the Medicines for the cure for them; as plainly appears by the Authors Epistle.
  • II. A Sure Guide▪ To Physick and Chyrurgery: That is to say, The Arts of Healing by Medicine, and Manual Operation. Being an Anatomical Des∣cription of the whol body of Man, and its parts, with their Respective diseases, demonstrated from the Fabrick and use of the said Parts. In Six Books.
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