The way of God with his people in these nations opened in a thanksgiving sermon, preached on the 5th of November, 1656, before the Right Honorable the High Court of Parliament
Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672.
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FOR THE RIGHT HONORABLE, The High Court of Parliament; The Epistle Dedicatory.

Right Honorable,

I Have obeyed your Commands in Printing this Sermon, as I did in Preaching it. O that in both, the Sermon may prove an Alablaster Box, and the Name of Jesus Christ, as an Oyntment pow∣red forth from it! We are in a Wilderness. Clouds of Darkness, and Doubt; Fires of Danger, Dissention, and Wrath, are in the midst of us, round about us. That the Pre∣sence of, Christ may be the Pillar of a Cloud, and of Fire, to go before you as a Light in Dif∣ficulties, to stand behind you as a Defence in Dangers, is the continual Prayer of

Your Honors most humble Servant in Christ, PETER STERRY.