The spirit convincing of sinne opened in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament upon the solemne day of their monethly fast, Novemb. 26, 1645
Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672.
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GOD hath promised his people to carry them on the Eagles Wing. The onely desire and humble endeavour of your lowest servant in Christ, hath been to work with God in this Ser∣mon; that your Soules, Counsels, Warres, may be carried on by the Spirit of God; who in the language of the Scriptures is not onely the Dove for Purity and Peace; but also the True Eagle for Wisdome and Power.

Page  [unnumbered] Worthy Senatours, if you knew this Spirit, you would ask Him of your Saviour; and Hee would be in you a Fountain of Counsell and Strength springing up to Everlasting Peace and Glory. But have you not known The Spirit? His sound hath gone forth into all your Eares. All the Scriptures speak of Him as they doe of Jesus Christ.

Daniel was chosen by the King of Assyria to sway the great affaires of that vast Empire; because the Spi∣rit of the immortall God was found in him.

David was a Statesman, Wiser then his Tea∣chers: David was a Souldier; His fingers were skil'd in fighting, his hands train'd up to Victory o∣ver Wild Beasts, Giants, Armies of Men. was not the Spirit the Lamp of God which shone thus glori∣ously on David's Court and Camp, which made his Throne so great? Thy Word, saith he, was a Light to my Feet. The Word of God is the Spirit of God, saith St. Paul; The Sword of the Spirit,awhich (Spirit, not Sword) is the Word of God. This made Da∣vid when hee had sin'd, cry: Take not thine Holy Spi∣rit from me. When the Spirit of God once left Saul, an evill Spirit came upon him, which vex't him, which haunted him to the losse of his kingdome and life together.

Honourable Fathers of your Countries, I humbly move to know, By what Title you sit there and rule o∣ver us. Is it not as Powers on Earth? But All power on Earth as well as in Heaven, is given to Iesus Christ. You are Substitutes and Vice-gerents to the Lord Iesus. Look then to Iesus the Beginning and End of your Authority. God hath laid the Government Page  [unnumbered] on his Shoulder. What is his sufficiency for it? The Spi∣rit of the Lord resteth on him, and this is, A Spirit of Counsell and Might in him.

You who sit at the right hand of the Lord Iesus, in this Common-wealth, as the Lord Iesus sits at the right hand of his Father in that Kingdome, which is over all: pray, that the same Spirit, which was powred forth on him, may be by him powred forth on you: So shall you be Messiahs, anointed ones, and Saviours to this people. Can You be able to rule over any spot of this earth; when Jesus Christ was not fit for the government of the whole; without the Spirit?

Do you put your whole trust in the promises of God, and expect by them to be made partakers of every blessing? Do you believe the promises made in the Word of God? I hope, I may say, at least with as good confidence, as Paul said it to Agrippa; I know you believe them.

This is the promise: The Spirit shall lead you into all truth. You are now searching into the deep things of God, which concern Religion; Live in the Spirit, and the Spirit shall bring all into your minde, and shew you the things of Iesus Christ. It behoves you to know the method of Satan; the stratagems and dark deeps of the Devill himself, in mysteries of State and Religi∣on. Walk in the Spirit; hee shall lead you into their chambers, as hee did Ezekiel; and let you see what mischiefes they are there contriving in secret.

This is the promise: The Spirit of God and of glory shall rest on his servants, in their conflicts and suffer∣ings. Sit still in all humble resignation of your selves, to the working of this Spirit; that hee may rest on you: so shall hee manage your counsels, finish your wars; and Page  [unnumbered] end all your sufferings with glorie.

I shall conclude my Epistle with an humble Petition to your Honours: an hearty Prayer for you.

My humble Petition is, that You would ever remem∣ber to converse as Doves, among Doves; with this Dove; He is a tender Spirit, take heed of grieving this Spirit, where ever hee dwels: For by him alone can your hopes be sealed to a day of full accomplish∣ment.

My hearty Prayer is, that, as you sit debating in Parliament, the appearances of the Holy Ghost may be among you; as hee was with the Apostles, sitting over them in the form of fiery tongues: that when you fight in the field, the Holy Ghost may be as a two-edged sword going forth from the mouth of the Lord Iesus into your enemy's hearts: that you may never see upon the walls of your house, that hand-writing which made Bel-shazzer tremble; Your kingdome is divided; but in stead of this, that uniting and building Principle; Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord. This is the fervent, constant prayer of

Your Honours humble servant in Christ, Peter Sterry.