Free grace exalted, and thence deduced evangelical rules for evangelical sufferings : in two discourses made 29 March, and 10 May 1670, from Rom. 5, 21.
Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672.
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RUth reaped a bountifull blessing with her humble gleaning in the field of her near kinsman Boaz, to become the Mother of her Lord and Saviour; the same benediction is perpetually to be found in the field of the Gospel, whereof the former field is the figure: a poor creature having had the opportunity of a turn or two in that field, and finding much heavenly consolation there, pick'd up with his Pen a few scatterings of what was late∣ly presented before the God of the whole harvest, in two Discourses, of the Free Grace of, and Suffering for, the Gospel; and being willing they should extend to a standing benefit of a few more than the Auditors, out of love to the truth and souls hath transcribed them for the Press, and if out of them any poor soul shall press the wine of the kingdome to comfort and establish him, by the assistance of the spirit of Grace, let him bless the Master of the Vine∣yard, who refreshes every weary soul that comes to him. I confess the world is well replenished with treatises of both Page  [unnumbered] subjects, Free Grace, and Sufferings, all I wish is, they were better studied and practised, this is only the casting two Mites into the Treasury, which it is hoped some will reap the benefit of, nay these in themselves contain the whole Treasury if sanctified to an humble soul.

There is only this note to be made, whereas there is a necessary caution laid down against sourness of spirit, wrath, desire of revenge, or the like, to be allowed by any in their sufferings; that yet this doth not tend to invali∣date the true and faithfull sayings of God, that he will in his time appointed pour out his fierce wrath and indignati∣on against all implacable enemies, as Babylon and her Confederates, in order to the setting up the kingdome of the Lord Jesus universally in the earth in truth and righteousness; here is the faith and patience of the Saints, and hence it is they cry, Come Lord Jesus come quickly.