Ripley reviv'd, or, An exposition upon Sir George Ripley's hermetico-poetical works containing the plainest and most excellent discoveries of the most hidden secrets of the ancient philosophers, that were ever yet published
Philalethes, Eirenaeus., Cooper, William, fl. 1668-1688.
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EXPERIMENTS for the Preparation of the Sophick Mercury, by Luna and the Anti∣monial-Stellate-Regulus of Mars, for the Philosophers Stone.

1. The secret of the Philosophick Arsnick.

I Took one part of the Fiery Dragon, and of the Magnetical Body two parts, I prepared them together by a strong Fire, and in the first fusion there was made about eight ounces of the true Arsnick.

2. The secret of preparing the Mercury with his Arsnick, for the separa∣ting its Faeces.

I Did take one part of the best Arsnick, and I made a Marriage with two parts of the Virgin Diana into one Body; I ground it very fine, and with this I have prepared my Mercury, working them all Page  2 together in heat, until that they were most exquifitely incorporated: then I purged it with the Salt of Urine, that the Faeces did separate, which I put away.

3. The Purification of the Sophick Mercury.

THe Mercury thus prepared, is yet in∣fected with an external uncleanness, wherefore distill it three or four times in its proper Alembick, with its Steel Cucurbit, then wash it with the Salt of Urine, until that it be clear and bright, and in its motion leaves no tayl be∣hind it.

4. Another most excellent Purgation.

TAke of decrepit Salt, and of the Sco∣ria of Mars, of each ten ounces, of prepared Mercury one ounce and an half, grind the Salt and the Scorias very fine together, in a Marble Mortar; then put in the Mercury, and grind it with Vine∣gar, so long until no more of the MercuryPage  3 appears: put it into a Glass Body, and distill it by Sand in a Glass Alembick, until all the Mercury be ascended, pure, clear, and splendidly bright; reiterate this three times, and you will have the Mercury excellently well prepared for the Magistery.

5. The secret of the just Preparation of the Sophick Mercury.

EVery single preparation of the Mer∣cury with its Arsnick is one Eagle, the Feathers of the Eagle being purged from their Crow-like blackness, make it to fly the seventh flight, and it is prepa∣red even until the tenth flight.

6. The secret of the Sophick Mercury.

I Have taken the proper quantity of the Mercury, and I mixed it with its true Arsnick, to wit, about four ounces of Mercury, and I made a thin commixed consistence; I purged it after a due man∣ner, and I distilled it, and I had a pure Body of Lune, whence I knew that I had Page  4 rightly prepared it: afterwards I added to its weight of Arsnick, and I increased its former weight of Mercury, in so much that the Mercury might prevail to a thin flux, and so I purged it, to the wasting of the blackness almost to a Lunary whiteness: then I took half an ounce of the Arsnick of which I made a due Mar∣riage, I added it to this betrothed Mer∣cury, and there was made a temperature like Potters Loam, but a little thinner; I purged it again, after a due manner, the Purgation was laborious, and a long time: I made it with the Salt of Urine, which I have found to be the best in this Work.

7. Another Purgation, but yet better.

I Have found out a better way of pur∣ging it, with Vinegar and pure Sea-Salt, so that in the space of half a day I can prepare one Eagle: I made the first Eagle to fly, and Diana is left, with a little Tincture of Brass; I began the se∣cond Eagle by removing the superflui∣ties, and then I made it fly, and again Page  5 the Doves of Diana are left, with the Tincture of Brass; I conjoyned the third Eagle, and I purged the superfluities, by removing them, even to a whiteness, then I made it fly, and there was left a great part of Brass, with the Doves of Diana; then I made it fly twice by it self, to the whole extraction of all the Body; then I joyned the fourth Eagle, by adding more and more of its own humour by degrees, and there was made a very tem∣perate consistence, in which there was no Hydrops, (or superfluous moisture) as there was in the three former Eagles.

8. I have found the best way of prepa∣ring the Sophick Mercury, viz. such as follows.

THe Amalgamated Mass, espoused or joyned very intimately by a due Marriage, I put into a Crucible, and into a Furnace of Sand for half an hour, but so that it might not sublime; then I take it out, and strongly grind it; then I put it again in a Crucible, and in the Fur∣nace, and after a quarter of an hour or Page  6 thereabouts, I grind it again, and I make the Mortar hot, by this means the Amal∣gama begins to be clean, and to cast forth a great deal of Powder: then I put it in the Crucible again, and to the Fire as be∣fore, for a convenient time, so that it be not sublimed, otherwise the greater the Fire is, the better it is; so continually putting it in the Fire, and continually grinding it, till almost all the Powder doth wholly disappear, then I wash it, and the Faeces are easily cast out, and the Amalgama becomes intire without any Heterogeneity; then I wash it with Salt, and again do heat it and grind it: this I repeat to the full cleansing it from all manner of Faeces.

9. A threefold tryal of the goodness of the Prepared Mercury.

TAke thy Mercury prepared with its Arsnick of seven, eight, nine or ten Eagles, put it into a Phial, and thou shalt lute it with the Lutum sapientiae: place it in a Furnace of Sand, and let it stand in an heat of Sublimation, so that it may Page  7 ascend and descend in the Glass, until it be coagulated a little thicker than But∣ter: continue it unto a perfect Coagula∣tion, until it be as white as Silver.

10. Another tryal.

IF by shaking it in a Glass with the Salt of Urine, it be turned into an impalpa∣ble white Powder of its own accord, so that it doth not appear as Mercury, and of its own accord in an hot and dry place it coagulates again into a thin Mercury, it is enough; but yet better if being agitated in Fountain-water, it runs into small heads or particles, for if the grain be in the Body, it will not be thus con∣verted and separated into small minute parts.

11. The third tryal.

DIstill it in a Glass Alembick, from a Glass Cucurbit; if it passes over and leaves nothing behind it, it is a good Mi∣neral Water.

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12. The extraction of the Sulphur from the living Mercury by Separation.

TAke thy mixed corporal and spiritual Compound, the Body of which is coagulated of the volatile by digestion, and separate the Mercury from its Sulphur by a Glass Still, and thou shalt have a white Luna fixed and resisting Aqua for∣tis, and more ponderous than common Silver.

13. The Magical Sol out of this Luna.

OUt of this white Sulphur by Fire thou shalt have a yellow Sulphur, by a manual Operation, which Sol is the red Lead of the Philosophers.

14. Out of this Sulphur, Aurum potabile.

THou mayst turn this yellow Sulphur into an Oyl as red as Blood, by cir∣culating it with the Volatile-Mercurial-Philosophical Menstruum, so thou shalt have an admirable Panacea, or Universal Medicine.

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15. The gross conjunction of the Menstruum with its Sulphur, for the formation of the Off-spring of the Fire.

TAke of thy purged, best prepared and choicest Mercury, of seven, eight, nine, or at most ten Eagles, mix it with the prepared Laton, or its red Sulphur, that is to say, two parts of the Water, or at the most three, with one of the pure Sulphur, ground and purged; N. B. but it is better that thou takest two parts to one.

16. The working of the mixture by a manual Operation.

THis thy mixture thou shalt grind very well upon a Marble, then thou shalt wash it with Vinegar and Sal Armoniac, until it hath put off all its black Faeces; then thou shalt wash off all its saltness and acrimony with clear Fountain-water, then shalt thou dry it upon clean white Paper, by turning of it from place to place with the point of a Knife, even unto an exquisite dryness.

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17. The putting in of the Foetus into the Philosophical Egg.

NOw thy mixture being dryed, put it into an Oval Glass, of the best and most transparent Glass, of the bigness of an Hens Egg; in such a Glass let not thy Matter exceed two ounces, seal it Her∣metically.

18. The Government of the Fire.

THen you must have a Furnace built, in which you may keep an immortal Fire; in it you shall make an heat of Sand of the first degree, in which the dew of our Compound may be elevated and circulated continually day and night, without any intermission, &c. And in such a Fire the Body will die, and the Spirit will be renewed, and at length the Soul will be glorified and united with a new immortal and incorruptible Body: Thus is made a new Heaven.