The history of the Royal-Society of London for the improving of natural knowledge by Tho. Sprat.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713., Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. To the Royal Society.
Page  228

EXPERIMENTS Of the Weight of Bodies increased in the FIRE: Made at the Tower, and the Account brought in by my Lord BROVNCKER.

1. Copper and Lead.
THe Coppel weighed10.8. 7/32
Into the fire all three14.23 7/32
Out of the fire15.4 /32
Gained0.5 /32

Besides what the Copel lost in weight, supposed to be about three grains.

2. Copper and Lead.
Coppel10.2 ¾
Into the fire all three14.17 ¼
Out of the fire15.1 ••/32
Gained0.7 ••/32

Page  2293. Lead alone.
Copel10.3 29/32
Into the fire both14.12 29/32
Out of the fire14.23 9/32
Gained0.10 ••/32

4. Lead alone.
Copel10.10 ⅞
Into the fire both14.19 ⅞
Out of the fire15.1 5/64
Gained0.5 ••/64

5. Copel alone.
Into the fire10.5.
Out of the fire10.1 /8
Lost0.3 ⅝

6. Copel alone.

 d. gr.
Into the fire10.wanting7 ¼
Out of the fire10.wanting9.
Lost0. 1 ¼