The history of the Royal-Society of London for the improving of natural knowledge by Tho. Sprat.
Sprat, Thomas, 1635-1713., Cowley, Abraham, 1618-1667. To the Royal Society.
Page  179

A SCHEME At one View representing to the Eye the Ob∣servations of the Weather for a Month.

Dayes of the Month and place of the Sun. Remarkable house.Age and sign of the Moon at Noon.The Quarters of the Wind and its strength.The Degrees of Heat and Cold.The Degrees of Dryness and Moysture.The Degrees of Pres∣sure.The Faces or visible ap∣pearances of the Sky.The Nota∣blest Effects.General De∣ductions to be made af∣ter the side is fitted with Observati∣ons: As,
 4 W. 2.9 ¼2 529 1/11Clear blew, but yellowish in the N. E. Clowded to∣ward the S. Checker'd blew.A great dew.From the last quart: of the Moon to the change the weather was ve∣ry temperate but cold for the sea∣son; the Wind pretty constant between N. and W.
 827312 ½2 8  
1412♉ 9.46.16  Thunder, far to the South. A very great Tide.
4   2 929 ⅛
12.468Perigeū. 10 1/8  
 12 W.SW. 17 ½229 ⅛ 
 8 N.W. 392 8½29 1/16A clear Sky all day, but a little chec∣ker'd at 4. P. M. at Sun∣set red and hazy.Not by much so big a Tide as yesterday. Thunder in the North. 
154284 29  
6♉ 24.51.N. 28 ½  A little before the last great Wind, and till the Wind rose at its highest, the Quicksilver con∣tinued descend∣ing till it came very low; after which it began to reascend, &c.
13.4010 172 1029
 10N. Moon. at 7.25′ A. M.S. 1101 1028 ½Overcast and very lowr∣ing. &c.No dew upon the ground, but very much upon Marble stones, &c.
14.37 ♊ 10.8.