Prison-pietie, or, Meditations divine and moral digested into poetical heads, on mixt and various subjects : whereunto is added a panegyrick to the right reverend, and most nobly descended, Henry Lord Bishop of London
Speed, Samuel, 1631-1682., Herbert, George, 1593-1633., Quarles, Francis, 1592-1644.
Page  72

¶ The Altar.

A broken ALTAR, Lord, to thee I raise,
Made of a Heart, to celebrate thy praise:
Thou that the onely Workman art,
That canst cement a broken heart.
For such is mine,
O make it thine:
Take out the Sin
That's hid therein.
Though it be Stone,
Make it to groan;
That so the same
May praise thy Name.
Melt it, O Lord, I thee desire,
With Flames from thy Coelestial fire;
That it may ever speak thy Praise alone,
Since thou hast changed into Flesh a Stone.