The shutting up infected houses as it is practised in England soberly debated By way of address from the poor souls that are visited, to their brethren that are free. With observations on the wayes whereby the present infection hath spread. As also a certain method of diet, attendance, lodging and physick, experimented in the recovery of many sick persons.

Sixt Reason against shutting up of Infected Houses, because that keeps Men in ignorance of the nature of and remedy against the Plague.

NAy this method gives the Plague its power of being dead∣ly, all diseases were deadly till men by converse under∣stood the nature of them, their original, and the experience in their cure: What the Pestilence is now, the French Pox, the small Pox, and the spotted Fever, were in Queen Eliz. time, and had been to this hour, had men been shut up from Physicians and all other persons in the small Pox, &c. as they are now un∣der the Plague.

Discourse with the Physician in this case, and he will talk to you, out of his Books 40. receipts at a breath, but not a word can he say of the experience he or any other hath had of the cure of this disease; which is the onely safe way of practice; specula∣tive rules being at too great distance from practise before the particular circumstances of the disease, the person, and fits be perfectly understood; as they are by none but by such as con∣verse freely with the Patient as men do in Holland and most other parts of the World; where they have attained to so much fami∣liarity with the disease that (under God) observing how it grow∣eth and begins; how men take it at first, and how they recover Page  12 of it, have been able by Gods blessing in a short time to give a stop to the infection, and health to the infected.

An instance of which experience take here in the 75. wayes whereby men have got this Plague this year 1665. as upon exa∣mination of divers Families now infected by persons that have conversed with those Families and other infected persons during this Infection hath appeared.